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    Meganter reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Award Ceremony   
    Well here we are, at the end of our little five day sprint. It went by super fast and half the team ended up unavailable due to illness or work.  So massive, MASSIVE Thanks to @cbigfootWho honestly did 70% of the work on this one. Really, He carried the event this time around and deserves all the thanks we can give him. 
    I'm not going to talk too much hear as this is a low effort mini event but can we all just appreciate that somehow, Den-Fi managed to win again... no-one could have seen this coming... honestly... I'm sure he is as surprised as the rest of us. /s 
    You have seven days to claim the prizes from this event. To claim the prize you need to DM me. It's that simple. They will now be rerolled if you don't claim they will simply be added to the community pool. 
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    Meganter reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Day Two   
    And here we are on day two of the event. Things are looking pretty solid with some decent numbers so far.
    I'm not going to list ranks honestly as you can see for yourself, but can we all just appreciate the top ten ranks production levels for today. 
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    Meganter reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Day One   
    So here we are, the first day of results. 
    I'm not planning to write all that much for this small five day event but I just wanted to thank everyone who has come along. You are all awesome and should be proud of the time and dedication you put into the fold. I was planning to do this last night but I fell asleep at my desk. Which is why I'm awake at such an early time. Turns out the new meds really do make me drowsy(no alcohol required)! 
    Miker07 takes the lead with 36.1 million points, Den-Fi comes up in second with 25.2 million points and third place is Shouski with 21.4 million points. Gorgon is up next in fourth place with 18.5m points, Mxyzptlk is in fifth place with 15.9 million points and sixth place is occupied by Justaphf with 15.1 million points. LazyDev is in seventh place with 13.1m points, vsteel takes eight place with 10m, Baha is in ninth place with 8.9m and finally Favebook takes tenth place with 8.4m. 
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    Meganter reacted to sowon for a blog entry, Kailh Box Jade - The Best Clicky Switch to Ever Exist   
    The Kailh Box Jade is one of the most famous clicky switches in the mechanical keyboard scene, boasting a thick click bar, MX stem with a box, and moderate afforadability at around $0.34 at any major mechanical keyboard switch retailer.
    I have owned and use Kailh Box Jades for a month on my main keyboard and have experienced great joy from using these particular switches, they have a consistent click and actuation, and the sound of them is crisp and full, compared to that of the Cherry Blue's click jacket, which in contrasts sound hollow, dull, plasticky, and unapologetically cheap.
    The Kailh Box Jades were my second major mechanical keyswitch, the first being the Outemu Blue in my previous E-Element Z-88 mechanical keyboard. The Jades blow the Blues out of the water in every single way.
    As mentioned earlier, the Kailh Box Jade feature what is called a click bar,the small metal, paperclip-like bar in the middle of the bottom housing, this in conjunction with the stem leg on the switch's stem is what creates the satisfying, full, punchy click of the Kailh Box Jade.
    The click feels as good as it sounds. The super thick click bar generates a very loud, typewriter-like sound signature that exudes pleasure on every keypress. It is that good of a keyswitch and I would easily call these the best clicky switch available to buy on the market at present.

    The box around the stem is not just for aesthetics either, it's for dust protection as well as keycap stability. The housing is made by Kailh and does feature the traditional four pegs but rather only two clips on the side which shows in the unique bottom housing and the stem to accomodate. As a result, frankensteining these switches with other switches such as Gateron Blues or Zealios will not work. I have however had luck swapping the springs an dstems of the Kailh Box Jades and Pale Blues as they both feature the Kailh housing.
    My one complaint about the switch is its weight, at stock, it takes approximately 70-73g of force to overcome the click followed by 50g of force to actuate after the initial bump. I found this heavy after long sessions, although your mileage may vary, and I am a fan of light linear switches, so a fairly heavy clicky switch like this was not in my alley. I believe if you are able to have the finger stamina to type on these switches, you'll find them very satisfying, just as I did. I believe the weight is what creates that heavy and full click, as I imagine a lighter spring or thinner click bar would result in a quieter, toned-down, crumbled down click compared to the crisp clean click of the Kailh Box Jade.
    As a complete package, the Kailh Box Jade is easily my favorite clicky switch. It has a crisp & sharp click thanks to that thick click bar and decent weight albeit a bit heavy for my tastes. I have not had the opportunity to use the Kailh Box Navy, the Jade's heavier brother, but I would assume with my glaring concern regarding weight and finger fatigue of the Jade, that I would find the Navy a bit overbearing for my fingers, and I find the Jade the perfect mix of click and actuation.
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    Meganter reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Award Ceremony 2020!   
    Ladles and Gentlespoons, it has to be said that quality has made up for quantity this year, we may be thin on the group but we have sure made up for that with the inane level of production we have seen during the third annual folding month. what this month lacks in surprises and excitement it made up for in sheer clout.
    Before we get into the ranks and awards I want to give thanks, first of all I want to thank everyone who participated, no matter if you folded billions of points, or a handful of points, it truly is only a great event because all of you guys get involved. 
    I also want to thank the team behind the scenes, @leadeater deserves our thanks because he is the one who created the script that revolutionised the way in which we handle data, and it has continued to work without flaw during this event(Minus the human error at the start of the event). @marknd59 has been a massive help with validating the points for the daily updates ensuring we could be confident of the data we were publishing. @cbigfoot jumped in to help with points validation from time to time, especially after mark fell ill. @ssmmdd and @j1philli also helped with the event. I'm sorry if anyone from the events team has been missed.
    Please can all make sure we donate a few dollars to Jason over at EOC, his servers must have taken a beating with all the traffic we have thrown at the guy over the last month or so. You can either use this PayPal link or find the PayPal donation button on the EOC Website on the left. Don't forget to include a note thanking him so he knows its from team LTT.  My personal go to is, 'From LTT with love' but you are free to write your own note. 
    This year has been stressful for many of us, with great amounts of uncertainty and anxiety. It can easily be said that for some of us this year has been the most difficult in living memory. We have lost jobs, savings, our homes and even our loved ones, but here, on this forum we stand together, we stand strong and united. We are just one team of many working together to seek out knowledge where there was only a void before. To further the understanding of human health, to maximise our comprehension of diseases. This is a noble task, and for that, I salute you all. 
    List of the honoured dead
    It is a sad time when we see the demise of our hardware, even more sad when that hardware holding out a few more days or weeks would have secured a better position. 
    LpoolTech's Mouse
    CBigfoot's SeaSonic 750 Gold PSU
    John Anti's 2 x  AF120LED case fans
    Gorgons's Gigabyte b450M DS3H
    Justpoets's APC 1500 UPS batteries
    rodarkone's Alphacool Eisbaer 240
    Homeofmew's Hard Drive
    Unilever's Zotac 2080ti amp extreme, 1 cheap 256GB SSD, and 2 EVGA 750 PSU's
    Yaboistar's centre fan on their 1080Ti
    Rybo's MSI 970 Gaming motherboard
    Jack Nafier's Dell Inspirion 5570
    Wall03's RX 470 4GB
    Baha's Zotac GTX 970
    Rest In Piece Valiant hardware, there is a special place in silicon heaven(Red Dwarf Reference right there) for you, lest we forget. 
    Now, it is time to get to what we have all waited for, THE RANKS!
    In first place we have @Den-Fi, taking his throne for the second time. ALL HAIL THE KING! Sitting in what can only be called a very comfortable seat with 2,342,017,007 points he never really looked like loosing. Our previous best point total for any event was 886,386,763 points set during the last folding month. The most interesting point to make of his astounding victory is the fact that ran all of his hardware himself and didn't sport a single mercenary during the event. 
    In Second place we have @Macaw2000, the king of the mercenaries, he may have gain his position by the use of cloud computing but with 1,641,029,686 points we won't hold that against him. Our second person to have over one billion points for a folding event your name should be revered like royalty. 
    In third place we have @rodarkone, our third and final person to breach the one billion points barrier during folding month with 1,044,854,657 points to their name during this event has claimed this respectable position. Let your pride beam from you like the searing glow of a searchlight in the night. 
    4th place is filled by newbie @Unilevers with 941,856,695 points, this is still better than our historical best and a fine score to achieve during the event. 
    5th place is filled by @miker07with 845,682,351 points, down one position from last folding month. 
    6th @Gorgonwith 843,750,865 points.
    7th @Shlouskiwith 657,555,359 points.
    8th @_Rlockewith 651,385,368 points.
    9th  @LAR_Systems with 542,632,893 points.
    10th @Justaphf with 521,033,918 points. 
    Make sure you take the time to check if you have won a prize by clicking the link below. 
    If you don't see your name on the sheet above you either did not sign up for this event or you did not meet the minimum requirements. All event badges will be handed out without any intervention needed from you guys, PLEASE DO NOT message me or the team about event badges. These badges are handled internally by the mod team and will be distributed shortly. 
    The winners will have 7 working days from the publication of this post to claim the prize, if the prize goes unclaimed it may be raffled again, if it is not then it will be added to the community pool for future events. In order to claim the Prize you will need to PM me here on the forum, with the subject;
    'I am here to claim what is rightfully mine!'
    To claim an Amazon voucher you will need to produce some details such as email and the amazon region you use. f you use a currency different to USD we will give you the closest amount in your own currency. 
    Now onto the little announcements! 
    The first to come is the new higher folding badge thresholds, these new values have been decided due to the increase of power a GPU can provide; this has made it much easier to achieve badges in recent years. The new thresholds below will come into force on January 1st, 2021. Anyone holding a current badge will be grandfathered in! This means you won't have your badge downgraded after the new thresholds come into effect. 
    The second announcement is the new rules for future events, these rules are still preliminary and we are awaiting final confirmation from the mod team. these rules are subject to change;
    Failing to meet the minimum requirements.
    Publicly discussing the administration of the event;
    If you have an issue with the way in which the event is being conducted please reach out to an appropriate member of the event team.
    Signing up to the event with a folding identity that is believed to not be your own.
    Signing up to the event with more than one folding identity.
    Conducting yourself in a manner that is believed to be not in the spirit of the event, this includes but not limited to the below;
    purposefully only meeting the minimum requirements, acting to undermine the integrity of the event, to attempt to cause division within the community. 
    Breaking any one of these rules will result in a disqualification from the event. It is also important to know that there is no appeal process for disqualifications. 
    This is Spectrum signing off,
    Happy Folding,
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    Meganter reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Day Thirty-Five - All Good Things...   
    These are the preliminary stats, this is a list of everyone, even those that did not meet the minimum requirements as I think it is important to celebrate everyone who got involved! The awards ceremony will be posted sometime in the next 48 hours if all goes to plan so keep your eyes open for it.
    In the meantime I would just like to thank everyone who got involve and folded for the event, even if you did not meet the minimum requirements I want you to know that you are still appreciated, you are still very much a part of this team. We fold for any number of reasons, in memory of a lost loved one, to help others simply for the sake of helping others, to gain more internet points than the next guy or for some even simply for the giveaway. No matter your reasoning, be proud of what you are part of here. Look back over the last five weeks with pride and joy. 
    Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for Science, AND GLORY! 
    I'm really impressed with the numbers we are seeing here, Thank you to all who are involved and who make this worth while every year.
    Remember we are a team first and individuals second, so give thanks where thanks is due and hit that reaction button when someone helps you out.
    Be wary of the higher minimum participation requirements this year.
    20 Days with activity*, 500,000 Points & 40 WU
    (*activity is defined as completing at least 1WU for the 24 hour period)
    Happy folding,
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    Meganter reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Day Nine - The Den-Fi strikes Back   
    Well today has been a busy day for me, but I never thought I would be returning to seeing multiple people week over the 40m PPD barrier, fair play gents you have earned my, and probably many others admiration. 
    In first we have the nonbenevolent king on throne, with 310.57 million points he has certainly made himself the front-runner, redarkone has fallen to second, with 302.52 million points he will likely struggle to retake the throne unless he's willing to stick his hand into his pocket. Unilevers continues to remain in third place with 224.56 million points, the snack maker has got to be looking at their rear as there may be some upset on the way. Fourth place Miker07 has maintained 199.65 million points, as has Gorgon with 195.82 million points. Macaw2000 has also had an impressive day and has moved up to 6th place with 153.93 million points, and he is certainly looking like the run of form could continue. Shlouski has been knocked down to 7th place with 142.53 million points. _Rlocke has also been pushed down by a rank to 8th place with 138.96 million points. Justaphf was the final person to be pushed down the rankings by the ascending Mr. Mac, falling to the 9th spot with 124.83 million points. Finally the Gatekeeper Baha has 117.65 million points. But the keeper of the great folding database LAR_Systems could be making a run at the gatehouse. 
    Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for Science, AND GLORY! 
    I'm really impressed with the numbers we are seeing here, Thank you to all who are involved and who make this worth while every year.
    Remember we are a team first and individuals second, so give thanks where thanks is due and hit that reaction button when someone helps you out.
    Be wary of the higher minimum participation requirements this year.
    20 Days with activity*, 500,000 Points & 40 WU
    (*activity is defined as completing at least 1WU for the 24 hour period)
    Happy folding,
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    Meganter reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Day Five - LAR_Systems Down   
    As the first week is coming into it's final days, we are certainly seeing how the ranks are starting to play out, but don't fear, because there are many more days to go for us to see a mix up of the ranks. 
    In first place we still have rodarkone sitting on the throne with 167.55 million points, but he certainly has no right to feel comfortable, Mr Den-Fi in second place, who is known to be slightly economical with the truth is certainly still in the realm of dangers. Unilevers sits in third place with 121.64 million points, their position is looking fairly safe for the time being. Gorgon had earned himself fourth place with 111.68 million points. Miker07 find himself slipping further behind the man ahead and if I were him I'd be looking at how to get some more folding power(psst try to recruit friends) if I were him. He needs not to fear Shlouski with only 79.5m points. But, _Rlocke is not too far behind 79.38m points who is currently sitting in 7th place. justaphf takes 8th place with 67.6m points. DirectingGnu2 has climbed yp to 9th place, leapfrogging LAR-Systems with 62.6m points and the new gatekeeper Baha with 61m points. 
    Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for Science, AND GLORY! 
    I'm really impressed with the numbers we are seeing here, Thank you to all who are involved and who make this worth while every year.
    Remember we are a team first and individuals second, so give thanks where thanks is due and hit that reaction button when someone helps you out.
    Be wary of the higher minimum participation requirements this year.
    20 Days with activity*, 500,000 Points & 40 WU
    (*activity is defined as completing at least 1WU for the 24 hour period)
    Happy folding,
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    Meganter reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Award Ceremony   
    Alright guys, sorry that this took so long, but find below the sheet link with the final ranks and prizes. You have one week, until Sunday 28th, 23:59BST to claim your prize, if you miss this cut off then the prize will be added to the community pool for future events. 
    To claim the prize you need to message me with the Subject line, 'Gimme dat sick prize' Also please include your rank from the sheet to make it easier for me to find you and confirm you are a winner of a prize. 
    I just once again want to thank @ssmmdd for data validation, @marknd59 for his help with validating entries and @leadeater for providing the script we use to gather the data more efficiently. 
    Thank you to everyone who got involved with this event and I hope to see at the next one. 
    Happy folding,
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    Meganter reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Prelude   
    It is once again my pleasure to be bringing to you all The Summer Folding Sprint!
    As is customary I will be writing a daily blog so everyone can follow along, there will be prizes, fun, science and heat!
    Last folding sprint we aimed to reach rank 10, we missed that goal, but now, we stand tall and proud, sitting 3rd on the leaderboard of the world. 
    First I would like to thank everyone once again for taking part in the Emergency Folding Event, our own small action against the ongoing global pandemic that is ravaging the world. I would be doing you all a disservice if I were not to mention the fact that the fight against COVID is still ongoing. The world is still suffering, people are still dying. 
    According to the World-O-Meter at the time of writing there have been 6.5 million confirmed cases of COVID19, leading to almost 400,000 deaths. This is the reality many of us still face, socially distanced, in lockdown, unable to see our loved ones, parents, children, grandparents, partners, friends. It is easy to feel more alone than ever during these trying times, it is easy to forget that we live in the most connected society ever seen. We have all found it hard in our own way. 
    Well right now, we once again have a chance to come together, to unite, with the power of our combined compute, to tackle this crisis. We can choose to do take the fight to this invisible enemy, to support the medical field in a way that was simply not possible the last time this planet was facing a health crisis of this magnitude. I am proud of everything that this team has accomplished since I took over, and the seeds of that accomplishment were planted long before I took over. When we started running events in 2017. 
    We all have the power to make this change, to work towards this common good, even the most modest of set ups can add to our collective ability to crunch numbers in a way that has never been seen before. We are offering more compute capacity through the folding network than any single system has ever offered researchers. In the entirety of human history, there has never seen anything close to what we mere gamers have offered over the last few weeks and months.
    The details of the event are to be published later today, including participation requirements and prizes. The event will run from 13th of June, to the 19th of June. Leading up to the summer solstice on the 20th, the longest day of the year.
    This event will not be eligible for folding event badges, that is reserved for LMG endorsed folding months only. Don't forget to follow this blog to keep up to date with any needed info, the event thread will be added onto the blog entry this evening(18:00-22:00BST/GMT+1)
    The event thread has now gone live!
    But, most importantly, lets have fun, test our metal with the heat and finally, let's kick some COVID ass!
    Happy Folding,