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    e22big got a reaction from KingofMemes in Don't buy a 3090, in short:   
    Unless you plan to get a Quardro, many compute users actually drool over 3090 because it's way cheaper for a pro workstation system even just the gaming driver, Nvidia Quardro sales are actually hurt because of this card from what I heard.
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    e22big reacted to Ahoy Hoy in is there any ANC headphone that physically can't produce audio lounder than 60 db?   
    Id maybe get a second opinion. Good hearing and tinnitus none stop shouldn't be in the same sentence.

    (dumbing this down a bit) The way your hearing works is you have a load of nerve endings which give off signals when they hear a certain frequncy. Over time these nerve endings stop working. Thats hearing loss thats why the older you get the less you hear. But they can also be damaged by loud sounds. Sometimes when they get damaged they stop working, but other times they get stuck in permeant on. Thats tinitus when you have a damaged nerve ending constantly giving off the signal that its hearing something.

    What ever that frequncy that nerve ending was supposed to hear you can no longer hear. But at the same time you also hear it none stop.

    As a general warning for everyone. There is no treatment for this, this is something to think about and why you should look after your ears. Wear hearing protection. Dont play loud music constantly. 

    Back to this point
    60dB is very quite.

    My recommendation is get custom in ear moulded headphones made. In UK and Europe very cheap (£300). In USA very expensive due to healthcare and audiologists being very expensive (but remember national health care is hard to do only 34 of 35 major countries figured it out). 
    Custom moulds provide better noise isolation greater then was ANC can do. This means you wouldn't have the volume as loud to counteract the noise from the environment.
    Its just better the ANC in every way as ANC is active it is playing a noise to counteract the environment noise. So if the outside world is 60dB the headphones play a 60dB noise to counteract it. ANC is also not the best at none regular sounds, its really good for engine noises like being on a plane but its not great talking and office noise. It works a bit but nothing like a repetitive sound.

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    e22big reacted to mariushm in Can I set up a hotkey to change my resolution?   
    How about you configure the game in exclusive full screen mode and set the resolution to 1440p ... the game would then auto switch to 1440p. 
    you can probably set profiles from your video card control panel / application for individual applications / games, there may be an option to switch resolution to something. 
    If not also try Compatibility mode .. right click on executable of the game, properties, and see if you have a "change resolution" option in the list of compatibility options. 
    And yes, most likely you could have a program or something that changes resolutions with a click or when run ... google is your friend. if not hotkey, you could have a shortcut in the taskbar, so when you click that shortcut the resolution changes.
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    e22big got a reaction from Stahlmann in HDR brightness to properly simulate a sun on screen   
    Well, the perception of solar brightness depends as much on raw luminance glow of the monitor as well as the distance you sit from them. One of a more scientific way to consider this is to look at the specialised medical lamp for people with SAD condition (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which stimulate the effect of natural sun light for people who don't have easy access for it. SAD lamp is often measure in lux which in turn measure in lumen (how further can the said light travel from the said source) per squre metre, by some lux 10 nit is measured at roughly 30 lux - in order for SAD lamp to be effective, you are looking for something around 10,000 lux which probably, you can workout the rest of the math

    Alternatively, if you want to experience for yourself the effect of a 1000 nit brightness and more, the easy source for that is basically your phone. Phone like Samsung S21 can do up to 1500 nit, you can go to their store and try crank up their brightness to the max. 
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    e22big reacted to TVwazhere in Why don't display manufacturer made 75hz - 90hz in place 60hz monitor?   
    There are 1080p 75 hz monitors out there, and most 1440p or 1440p wide screen are 100hz
    For TV's though, it's probably just not as high of a demand. (plus a lot of 120+ refresh rates on TV's tend to be simulated, not actual 120hz)
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    e22big reacted to porina in Why don't display manufacturer made 75hz - 90hz in place 60hz monitor?   
    Been there before. When I first got the 4k TV I couldn't even get reliable 60 Hz out of it. The random cables I had lying around either didn't work or the picture cut out after a time. Got new certified cables, rock solid since. The 3070 is a kind of sidegrade but it does open up beyond 60 Hz for less demanding games.
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    e22big got a reaction from porina in Why don't display manufacturer made 75hz - 90hz in place 60hz monitor?   
    definitely go for a better cable - me and my friend got 3080 last year (at MSRP as well, massive luck back then) and he decided to get a new 4k 120hz TV, he decided to cheap out on HDMI 2.1 cable and it simply doesn't work, big flickering issue, you can probably get it replace under warranty but it probably worth it to get a better one just for convenient sake
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    e22big reacted to Dovaogedy in Need some advice on a monitor for my Ryzen 7 5800x + RTX 3070 pre-built i bought   
    Thanks for responding everyone
    Now that my PC shipped, i pulled the trigger on a monitor
    Im getting an LG 27GL850, it seemed to be one of the best rated monitors from videos i looked into
    27 inch 1440p, with G-Sync and 1ms response time
    its the one thats currently on sale for $439
    Thanks for the help everyone
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    e22big got a reaction from Dovaogedy in Need some advice on a monitor for my Ryzen 7 5800x + RTX 3070 pre-built i bought   
    You should consider the size of the monitor you want too, it makes more of a different than most people thought. 
    For 27 inch I'll definitely go for 1440p 144hz (more or less) but 32 inch and above 40k 60hz isn't bad for just single player game. I used to have 27 inch LG IPS but I drop and broke it so now I am on 32 inch (still LG) VA 4k and I have been loving it so far. They cost almost the same from where I live and VA deeper black is more noticeable than I thought. 
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    e22big reacted to PlayStation 2 in Anyone else finds Fractal cases ugly?   
    Meh. Some are nice (Arc Mini R2), some... aren't.
    In any case hahahahahahaha, I'm a bit of a bottom bitch for Cooler Master's less flashy cases.
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    e22big reacted to jrhaberland in Do I need 850w PSU for 3080?   
    Yeah I'd go for the 850w, the 3080 can have some pretty extreme power spikes.
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    e22big reacted to ForwardVoltage in Need help selecting PSU   
    Sounds like a GF1 recommendation to me.
    The thing is, Seasonic had a rebranding moment a little while ago. Their prior units (and still Prime Platinum/Titanium units) have OCP problems causing them not to be able to handle transients like on 1080TI, 2080TI, VEGA 64, and by extension, RDNA2/Ampere. You can check the tierlist notes, but those units have been phasing out of production since January of last year, and they should be shouldn't be a concern on what you get...

    Worst comes to worst and you got old stock, the unit will just turn off during operation...Then, just return it.
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    e22big reacted to ForwardVoltage in Need help selecting PSU   
    The NZXT C,  Antec High Current Gamer, Asus Strix are all built the same internally (Strix has bigger GAMER ROG heatsinks) other than the fan bearing used...

    TT GF1 is the best of the list; however, if money is tight, then we can skip that option. Additionally, some SFX units work in ATX cases if you have an adapter. You just need the holes on where to secure the unit to match. However, CM's SFX units have been having fan problems. Their first revision had terrible fan tuning and whining, and a new batch of them still has the issue.

    If the NZXT C is cheaper than the RM, I would pick it up. I am not very fond of the RM series given their cut-down component selection (capacitors, lackluster heatsinks leading to fan bursting at ~90w load, and while I think removal of in-line caps is acceptable for production cost reduction, ripple goes up.) I have seen $60 units with better bulk cap and secondary side output filtering capacitors...Needless to say, capacitors are only a single part of a unit, so NZXT C v RM v GF1 is up to you.
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    e22big reacted to SavageNeo in Need help selecting PSU   
    that is pretty good psu.
    if the RM is much cheaper get that. there are not really much difference between those other than the HCG having issues with high power gpus.
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    e22big reacted to Skunch in My computer restart on its own often, is this typically a mobo problem?   
    okay well, a 1070 ti is an older, less efficient gpu, and may have been drawing more power. Call a local computer shop and ask if they have a tester in their workshop.
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    e22big reacted to Skunch in My computer restart on its own often, is this typically a mobo problem?   
    yeah, I'd guess it's the PSU. if you're ever going to spend a lot on a new part, it should be the PSU.
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    e22big reacted to SupaKomputa in My computer restart on its own often, is this typically a mobo problem?   
    Usually it's a PSU problem.
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    e22big reacted to SolarNova in LG CX OLED auto dim help   
    If brightness is an issue, ensure u dont have BFI enabled. you'll loose some moving picture clarity, but gain normal brightness back.
    250nits 'should' be enough, unless ur in a bright room, in which case OLED probably wasnt the best choice.
    OLED is still developing in the brightness department, upcoming OLEDs should have a 20% boost for basic models, a new upcoming Sony top end model has been measured at 1300nits.
    Disabled ASBL* in the service menu. You'll need a IR blaster equipped device to use the Service App or a Service remote (u can buy from amazon/ebay)
    ASBL is what will be kicking in when using the Display for browsing and text documents.
    ABL** can NOT be disabled but you can reduce its effectiveness by running with OLED light at ~60%, however since ur complaining about brightness this probably isnt an option.
    *Automatic Static brightness Limiter
    ** Automatic brightness Limiter
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    e22big reacted to porina in LG CX OLED auto dim help   
    Just had a quick look through the menu on mine, it might be Energy Saver. Instead of Auto it is on Medium. I don't notice brightness changes in actual use, but if left idle with a static image for some time it dims slightly and returns once there is activity.
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    e22big reacted to Vishera in AMD radeon drivers f**king suck   
    After 9 years of using AMD GPUs,I have switched to NVIDIA,precisely because of the constant and repetitive experience ruining bugs.
    Those bugs first appeared with Radeon Relive ,the replacement of Catalyst Control Center.
    In all honesty,AMD is doing the exact same mistakes that Microsoft does - focusing on pretty and lackluster UI rather than on stability.
    Catalyst Control Center was significantly better when it comes to stability,ease of use and simple,feature rich UI.
    AMDs incompetence:
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    e22big reacted to Levent in decent 3060ti vs worst 3070?   
    oops my bad, I worded that wrong. 3070 is absolutely the best one.
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    e22big reacted to Psittac in I own Xonar STX and looking for an upgrade, do you have any recommendations?   
    I would agree with that sentiment for most people.  For me it's another hobby in it's self, I like to experience different thing's so I'm always getting new equipment.  I've got enough headphones and amp's for 5 setups but only one dac.
    That's good to know that there are options with a low noise floor.  There's just so many weird thing's that can happen inside a PC that can interfere.  I was fine until my psu popped and I replaced it with another, then I had massive coil whine going through my usb, then a month later I went back to usb and the noise is completely gone.  It's a complete mystery to me and that was even external.  The rabbit hole goes very deep and I don't understand some of it.  The 880-600 is one example, being able to power it and having it sound good are two different thing's.  It's not volume that's different but fullness.  And I've just barely dove into this but I'm running an Emotiva A-100 to properly power them, that or a darkvoice  336SE and I absolutely love it.  Putting them on my topping dx7 get's them just as loud when I turn it up but there's no meat to the frequencies or clarity.  The A-100 is Class A/B I think and it's got a big backlog of power to deliver.

    There is ALWAYS something more to be had with more money, and that's everything not just headphones.  But I would say that weez's statement is completely valid even for me.  I just enjoy swapping around to different gear.
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    e22big reacted to weez in I own Xonar STX and looking for an upgrade, do you have any recommendations?   
    Honestly when it comes to headphone amps and dacs (basically anything with a headphone jack). If what you have sounds good than you don't need to change it. Only upgrade if you hear noise or need more power or features. What you have now is good
  24. Informative
    e22big got a reaction from Psittac in I own Xonar STX and looking for an upgrade, do you have any recommendations?   
    From what I heard 6xx is more akin to 650 (they are basicallu the same - same driver, same housing)
    I don't have 6xx but I tried 650 before, they are nothing alike, world apart actually. 660s actuallu use HD 700 driver and put it in a modified 650 case. If anything they are more similar to 600 in sound profile but with better sound stage and more easy to drive driver (also a bit better detailed)
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    e22big reacted to Glenwing in Need help checking my DisplayPort version   
    For 4K, none, though some manufacturers may label them "DP 1.4" if they support HDR, they will be implemented with HBR2 bandwidth though. For 1440p 144 Hz, DP 1.4 is required to use at 10 bpc color depth, as DP 1.2 will only support 8 bpc at 1440p 144 Hz.