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  1. it is on just a black screen. i can make it take screenshots the only real data I want is from my game, i just dont know how to access the data transfer if i cant see it
  2. So I broke my s7 LCD and I now have another s7 but to transfer my data i need both phones to be working, Is there a way to get around this? please help I have some game data that I really would like to keep
  3. Yep i found out all my mates had the problem too, they couldn't contact me because discord wasnt working. Atleast its fixed now
  4. no its just every time i close it and let it run in the background, if i try to pull it up again it doesnt appear on my screen at all
  5. dont care, I love it, I dont care if it doesnt increase performance, Its the one thing ive always had consistent until the RTX cards and im not letting go.
  6. Im not selling, honestly, Im buying another 2080ti once the new cards come out. I payed for my 2080ti new and ive seen some EVGA 2080ti FTW3 Ultra OC down to $700, Im waiting for them to drop more then I have 2 of them in SLI
  7. So After i did a discord update everytime I closed it down It wouldnt load back up again. so I uninstalled it and now I get this error and this text file. I have zero clue what to do SquirrelSetup.log
  8. I got a Fractal Design Define C case with an acrylic side pannel for free. The cases side pannel is scratched to hell, I know that the Define C now come with TG side pannels, I just want to know if one will fit on the older case. It doesnt look like it will fit and I wanted to know if anyone has tries this. Also does anyone know the size of the mobo standoffs? When i was given the case it only had 6 of them so Im going to need more.
  9. #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> #include <time.h> #include <math.h> #include <errno.h> using namespace std; const double MAXRANGE = pow(2.0, 16.0); // 65536 const double MINRANGE = -pow(2.0, 16.0); bool validDouble(const char* argument) { return atof(argument); } int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { char z; bool isARealDouble = true; if (argc == 3) { z = 0; } else if (argc == 4) { z = argv[3][0]; } else if (argc < 3) { cout << "P" << endl; return 0; } else if (argc > 4) { cout << "P" << endl;
  10. so I was able to get my code to detect characters and not allow them, but now I need it to detect multiple .'s if that makes sense, such as allow 1.23 but not 1.2.3, Please I need help as this is due in 3 hours and even my professors are too busy with other shit to help a student. #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> #include <time.h> #include <math.h> #include <errno.h> using namespace std; const double MAXRANGE = pow(2.0, 16.0); // 65536 const double MINRANGE = -pow(2.0, 16.0); bool validDouble(const char* argument) { return atof(argument); } i
  11. Problem ryzen master wont work, first it said it didnt support my cpu then i did a fresh install and i get this everytime, no matter how many times I do a fresh download
  12. i dont want max performance i want my cpu to stop running at max performance when it isnt needed say when on chrome. its jumping up to 60 C is that normal?
  13. So I just installed a 3700x and for some reason it seems to be acting odd, it turbos up to 4.4ghz heats up to about 63 C then cranks up the fan speed and drops its clocks to 4.0-4.1ghz, its odd I tried changing the fan rpm but it inst doing much of a difference and rnter and yzen master doesn't seem to want to work I just have dragon ce4 chrome tabs open. nothing that should be putting strain on the cpu, I double checked that it was attached well and that it was plugged into the cpu fan header and yeah, everything is fine. so any ideas outside of buying a new cpu cooler, im saving for a d15 at
  14. so a mate is having problems with his pc it keeps blue screening after he did a network reset in windows, I tried getting him to use the repair my pc tool on the windows installer usb but, it is password locked and he forgot the password. he doesnt know the password. any ideas im running out.
  15. No, my ram been with me since I first built it and I had zero problems with it. I even went through and tested all of them in 2 computers. I had zero problems with it on my b450 Tomahawk, and for a while they worked without a hitch on my x470 gaming pro carbon. It's a 32gb kit of corsair vengeance LED CMU32GX4M4C3000C15
  16. The mobo hasn't been posted yet just ordered, where I get it from takes longer due to the times. So it would take about 5 days to arrive. The pins on the cpu are straight and perfect. I went through and didn't see any missing pins.
  17. So after having problems with my ryzen pc only detecting 8 GB of memory but seeing 32gb, total. I pulled the memory out of it and tested all the slots and found the 3rd not to be working right. I put memory in 2 and 4 and it was running ok but still crashing doing some simple tasks like opening a chrome tab. So a mate said have you tried re seating the cpu. I tried that and now I'm back to only detecting 8gb but seeing 16gb, I'm now wondering if it's my cpu, I know ryzen has the memory controller on the cpu rather than on the mobo. I'm not sure what it is now. I've bought another mobo cause I
  18. So after my last movi died I bought an asus x570-E. My old move is an x570 gaming carbon pro wifi. I just want to move my components to the new mobo, but do I need to do anything to my ssd before swapping to a different mobo? Or can I just swap it and be good to go?
  19. I really want to get away from MSI, my last couple of mobos have been by them, and their customer service has been shit. including getting 2 mobos with corrupted bios's from the factory.
  20. B550 I did think about but i rather overspend on a X570 for the next gen higher end cpus that spend less on a B550 that will need an upgrade to run the higher end cpus.
  21. I do overclock my not very heavily as I dont have that great of ventilation in my room. I know the Impact would be best for say overclocking a 3900x or 3950x but I have a 3800x clocked to 4.7Ghz and thats what I plan to use.