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  1. Anybody else got any tips/advice? I was told 2 or 3 years for new paste application with Arctic 5?
  2. The fears of a new custom builder. I just hope everything will flow well and stuff. But, next comes the "RGB line assembly."
  3. Is the lines positioned like this, ok? Will the coolant/freon flow freely like this?
  4. It won't do any good because it's a 360 RAD and a Lancool 2 ATX Full Tower
  5. So After stupid/crazy amount of fiddling, I finally managed to attach the brackets to the block. But, as I try and maneuver the block, the lines come in contact with the fan. So, my issue/concern is that should flip the cooler itself 180 so the lines come from the bottom of the case? Aaannnd A tiny fray/break from outside the line, is that a red flag? Can it be fixed? Or will it be ok? P.S. I did NOT apply paste yet, so there's still time.
  6. I guess I'll have to note what phone I using: LG G8
  7. I am looking for either: A. A cable that can hook into the car's Aux jack and into my phone, BUT, has a control device in the middle so I can: play/pause/skip/answer. B. A Bluetooth device I can attach to my steering wheel and the stuff mentioned above.
  8. Been very helpful you've been. Thanks.
  9. Correction, there's this one for less. https://www.microcenter.com/product/513823/cooler-master-ml360r-360mm-rgb-water-cooling-kit
  10. This for my case? https://www.microcenter.com/product/615386/lancool-ii-tempered-glass-eatx-full-tower-computer-case---white
  11. So, return old, but new and not worry. I like that.
  12. So, return the 240 and buy 360. Less worry later?
  13. My EVGA Trio 2080 11GB TI has 3 fans, so it'll be cool for years. Right?
  14. Well, I can always install Cinebench and 3d Mark to run tests. I suppose though, I can stick with the 240 for now, and if temps get too warm/hot for the CPU where this cooler isn't enough, then I can upgrade to the 360. Right?
  15. That said, overclocking can damage the CPU and board if done incorrectly. From what I speculate anyways. I'm fixing to return the case anyways, and I have the cooper with me, so there's some time to help me.