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    ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4
  • RAM
    DDR4-3733 32GB
  • GPU
    MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB GAMING X
  • Case
    Antec 302
  • Storage
    Crucial MX500 500 GB
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    be quiet! Pure Power 11 700 W 80+
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    be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
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    Counterfeit Sony headphones
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    Windows 7

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  1. Both are 3800 RPM server fans with high CFM but why should I keep wasting time with an obtuse troll who thinks GamEINg!1! fans are way better. And the best. There's a sticker on the other side as well but I guess some people are so eagerly rabid to prove they're right all the time they can't even do a 2 seconds search on google
  2. This ↓ Is wrong. stickers or logos are not indicators for air direction, some fans have stickers on both sides. Your rear fan is fine. Only one of these fans has a sticker on it yet both are exhausts.
  3. I'd place it near the 2nd CPU heatsink tower (from left to right) so it sucks hot air from the graphics card And exhaust side is where the cables are, some premium fans come with an indicator arrow in case you don't know
  4. Well they must keep filming propaganda series somehow right?
  5. If it's a low TDP 1050Ti it could work but if it needs a 6-pin connector you can pretty much forget about it until you get another power supply.
  6. Should play any discs, I bet this is some kind of DRM bullshit error
  7. As the darkness enjoyer I am, I haven't even connected the front panel LEDs to my mobo and covered the monitor's power LED with black tape. Seriously though, I can't sleep if there are blinking lights coming from the computer, my room has to be pitch dark and absolutely silent if I want to sleep.
  8. There's no "gaming on linux" you can do, it's hell, you'll spend countless hours trying to make the smallest things work somewhat decently to then find out games, if you can somehow make them run, have awful performance. I use linux (Lubuntu) on a daily basis for my college stuff and it's a great OS, but it's simply not made to play games on it, there's Windows for that. Also slow speeds are normal with wifi, you can pretty much wave your hands in front of the computer and your downloads will bite the dust. You wanna chill and play some games? use windows You wanna suffer
  9. so? Ubuntu isn't an OS to play games
  10. -well how do you know it's a russian malware? -there are weird letters on the code, def russian -but anyone can write those with a keyboard and blame it on a country -*ahem* no more questions please
  11. Somewhat, it'll probably throttle a lot so you won't have the exact same performance RIP battery though
  12. P2W mechanics, loot boxes and you have to install a launcher in order to be able to play (i.e Steam, Epic Launcher, etc) let alone the extremely toxic playerbases free games have, well, paid games also have those but free games are worse.
  13. Why... are the fans outside the case?