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  1. Ok, right now I’m done with everything going to post my rig and the people that help me build it. Thanks, as for right now can I actually change my geforce experience to studio to game ready ?
  2. It just said better system performance, but it's 1 month ahead and everything seems to be working so no worries on that. Also Download the drivers, installed,(asus and graphics card) is their anything I should do after that ? or Just play?
  3. The current version that I have is american ... 7/8/2019 the new one is 1 month ahead. Wonder if I still need to update it. Also did look at some video on how to and its pretty straight forward to me. One thing I'm concern though is what happen if in the installation process your pc does turn off? (bios)
  4. ok can I just find the version of my bios and if it match the website dated bios like”2019 or something “ then I don’t need to do anything? ok I remember updated the chipset and realtek and others in amours crate(asus thing) does it the same though?
  5. First time building a pc. So wondering if I also need to update the processor? So do I actually need to go to windows, to update the drivers utilities and etc...? Will do on the usb(i was thinking about that)
  6. Also did use the armoury crate to download the drive and audio chipsets is that the same ? Still missing some stuff specially the bios and other stuff that i should be doing
  7. What other things should I do after the build? Also asus website +.... drivers, can’t open or run the program( it shows to open in image).cap file. Do I also need to update amd?
  8. Also do I need to peel off the pre applied thermal paste in amd ryzen wraith...? (I just installed it without touching the pre applied paste thinking that maybe i shouldn’t.
  9. My PC Every thing is working, but can’t see the bios on my screen. So I only have one usb right now. Should I flash the bios with usb ? then format and add the windows? Like my screen is black after the pc is on( “display or no signal”) HELP!
  10. I know right?( also thinking about that, i need time to finish what i’m doing, 15 minutes is an ample amount of time ) But right now I’m just going for the power strip surge protector then upgrade (if I feel that I want to) to ups.
  11. Ups is kinda expensive in my part (see mostly 100 +), what ups do you use?(ups is like a generator right like the pc won’t power off if power line is off?) Theirs a sale right now will know what to do