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  1. thanks for this link, but I'm a bit apprehensive to try that solution since it includes forcing shut down the laptop and letting it run until the battery completely drains and the laptop turns off on its own....it could mess something up in windows or something and lead me to even bigger troubles which is BAD especially in exam season. meanwhile,I used your recommendation and changed bios settings to 100% battery so now it charges up to 100% but today the same thing happened. I turned on the laptop and immediately after logging into windows,I got a pop up that the battery was
  2. alright,I will try that. just to clarify,drain battery completely means to let it force shut down the laptop or plug it in when battery saver hits at 20% or even 10%?
  3. Hello, I've had this laptop HP pavilion 15 Windows 10 home fully updated CPU i7-8750h GPU 1060 3GB max-Q 16GB RAM (originally 8GB but upgraded in summer 2020) since august 2019 with no problems but the last 2-3 months I've had some problems with the battery but since I was swamped with studies and work and because I practically never move the laptop from my desk, it wasn't a top priority issue but now I think it's time I explored it. so the problem is: 1)sometimes when I turn on the laptop after a night's rest, it will g
  4. But is it better to get a docking station and swap out drives or a dedicated external drive? I also checked my laptop specifications and it turns out I have 2x 3.1 usb ports. It should be better,yes?
  5. Hello, I went to a friend's house today and he showed off red dead redemption 2 running on his laptop with a mix of medium-high settings on 1080p with no stuttering whatsover at what looked like a constant 60fps. I found it quite amazing but what I found more amazing was that the game was running off a 5400rpm 1tb HDD he had in a docking station connected via thunderbolt (from the docking station) to usb 3.0 (his laptop) I never thought you could run such a heavy game as smoothly from an external HDD which got me thinking. if I wanted to use a 1tb extra
  6. that looks promising...I have around 300mpbs internet...it should be fine to stream but I suppose there's going to be latency anyway. is there any device that converts output to input or something?
  7. I had the same issues with my hp pavilion with i7 8750 and GTX1060. a laptop stand/fan will help to keep your temps lower for some time but in the end they will start rising again as time passes. meaning that if your laptop can hit 90 degrees without a fan,it will still hit 90 degrees with a cooling fan just 20-30 minutes later. what REALLY helped was installing throttlestop and following some youtube videos to undervolt the cpu. at -100V there was a massive improvement in heat with instant -10,-15 degrees less. the video I used also suggested to u
  8. Hello, I am using this hp laptop https://support.hp.com/ca-en/document/c06246012#AbT0 and I was wondering wether I can use it as a screen for an xbox one because I noticed that used xbox can go for around 140 euro where I am which is kinda cheap I think so it would be cool if it's possible. I don't have a tv and I'm not planning to buy one either. I know my laptop doesn't have a hdmi in but maybe there are other ways to get an xbox (or a ps4 for that matter) to display on a laptop? thanks.
  9. well yes,all the laptops in my price range are mediocre. which one of all the mediocre laptops is the best choice? I'm leaning VERY HEAVILY on this one mostly for the price and because of the i7 CPU that should be more suitable for designing and general schoolwork and also a 1050 4gb should be ok for all games on medium graphics https://www.bestprice.gr/item/2155537317/acer-aspire-7-a715-72g-79bh2.html?qid=3kpvyBlJUFz_5c4dc&seq=1 2nd laptop I'm leaning on is this,mostly because it seems the ryzen 5 3550h has less heat than i5 8300h and kinda
  10. quick update. saw these asus laptops with ryzen cpus,what are everyone's thoughts on them https://www.bestprice.gr/item/2155602192/asus-vivobook-k570zd.html https://www.bestprice.gr/item/2155686345/asus-tuf-fx505dy-es51.html https://www.bestprice.gr/item/2155701239/asus-tuf-gaming-fx505dt-al086t.html
  11. but the thing is that I see lenovo and dell laptops with worse specs cost more and it looks like all laptops at this price point either have "not so good" cooling or "not so good" screen. do a few degrees more play that much of a role? screen,I can understand because I hate ghosting issues. by the way,if it is of any importance,I live in Greece and plan on moving to Poland in about 2 months
  12. I also found this https://www.kotsovolos.gr/site/computing/laptop-tablet-ipad/notebook-macbook-ultrabook/196310-acer-nitro-5-an515-52-i5-8300h/8gb/1tb/gtx1050ti-4gb I read a few reviews,apparently it has similar specs as everything else but the screen is good,the keyboard is ok,the trackpad is bad but it looks like it has great cooling with customizable dual fans. I'm sorry for not mentioning your recomendations earlier, all versions of lenovo legion Y7000 and HP omen 15-dc are out of my budget...they all cost 1000+ euro and the onl
  13. thank you for the answer! I've been looking at configs of the laptops you proposed and I've noticed that this one https://www.skroutz.gr/s/17116918/HP-Pavilion-15-cx0056wm-i5-8300H-8GB-1TB-GeForce-GTX-1050-Ti-FHD-W10.html#reviews has better specs (1050 Ti) for lower cost than ANY of the configurations of the laptops you mentioned (around 50-100 euro less) so is there any reason not to go for the HP pavilion? especially since I see a shop offering a wireless mouse and transfer bag with the laptop for 765 euro final price and no I
  14. let me sum up what I want from the laptop. Performance most of all to run autocad and occasionaly play the latest games on low good screen with no ghosting issues on fast movements but I'm not going to be using it for photo editing and such so it doesn't have to be amazing an ok keyboard,I'll propably use a mouse most of the time I'll prefer a 1tb HDD over a 256gb SSD so I don't run out of space quickly not interested in looks not interested in weight don't need any special connections like thunderbolt or a full size hdmi or something battery life
  15. No preference on weight or looks. I'm fine with a 15.6" screen as long as it's not complete crap