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  1. hello, I'm in the market for a bigger tv than my 32" fullHD tv and I seen that most 40" models nowadays are 4k which got me thinking. the new tv will be heavily used as a 2nd monitor for a laptop with an i7 8750h and a 1060 3gb max-q to play movies,videos and game connected by HDMI cable 80% of the time. I know 4k gaming with this laptop is a big nono but what about: 1) watching movies and youtube videos at 4k? 2) can the tv run at 4k while the laptop screen runs at 1080? (using extend to use both screens) 3) will forcing a 4k tv to use
  2. hmm, for me it doesn't show as sold but I suppose that it's not such a good buy as I initially thought. I suppose I could use that money towards a used ps4 or hope for a ps5 someday
  3. Hello guys, so I stumbled across this add for a used pc some days ago and I'm itching to do something stupid and buy it. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/805091523540448/ I am not sure if you can view links from facebook so I'll list the specs here 1) Komputer: - Procesor Intel Core i3 - 3225 CPU 3.30 Ghz - Pamiec Kingston HyperX DDR3 8 Gb 664 Mhz - GPU MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4gb - Dysk HDD 500 Gb 2) Keyboard: Motospeed CK104 3) Mouse + pad: A4Tech Bloody Q50 Neon xGlide Q5081S
  4. Hello guys, I have this HP laptop here https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-pavilion-15-dp0000-laptop-pc/23588994/model/25355859/manuals and I'm thinking of taking out the standard 128gb ssd that came with it and putting it a new 1tb ssd and do a new install of windows 10 too. I'm not really looking for amazing speed,I want it to be more budget oriented so a budget of 100-120 euro is max. I am looking at this kingston ssd on sale from 150 to 100 euro here https://www.e-shop.gr/ssd-kingston-sa2000m8-1000g-a2000-1tb-m2-22
  5. yes....I'm sure those 2 are great...and at those prices,they should be! I'm looking for something a lot cheaper than those though.
  6. Hello, I'm getting a bit tired of my laptop's speakers and my tv's "ok" sound and thought I can start searching for something better that's as cheap as possible. I'm hardly what you call an "audiophile", a starter logitech 2.1 speaker set has been good enough for me in the past. this time though I'm looking for a more "elegant" and all in one solution since I want to have music from laptop whenever I want but also want something connected to the tv so I can use with my switch or any other future console. so I've been thinking of getting a cheap soundbar righ
  7. I cant find that ikea chair,is it the jarvfjallet? it's even more expensive than the others
  8. I am constantly looking at used chairs but unfortunately nothing good came up till now. if nothing else comes up then I'm ordering that chair on monday
  9. I am actually looking at the ikea markus after popping up in various searches but the mesh back reminds me of the jysk billum which I am now trying to avoid as much as possible,even though there is a small plastic bit around the area where I have my back problem so it could PROBABLY work well but it would also come with the same problems. plus it's quite a bit more expensive. the playseat L33 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range. even paying 70 euros is already leaving a bad taste in my mouth
  10. she is actually sitting in the german site also and its the same chair by the way...
  11. well,the jysk chair was bought used, I tried it,I liked it,the seat is super comfortable but after sitting for 30 mins -1 hour at the pc, I could feel that I was basically holding up my whole body and not the chair itself. adding a pillow around my lower back (lumbar region) improved the situation by quite a lot but still there are problems. thats why I decided to focus on "gaming" chairs (even though I dislike "GAAAAAMING" gear) just because of the extra and adjustable pillows on the back.
  12. hello, thanks for your answers but I decided to reorganise my space and as a result I can now connect the pc with the tv with a 2m HDMI cable without it getting TOO much in the way. steam link sounds like a very nice thing but those cons you listed....eeeeh....kinda bad
  13. Hello, I am in the market for a new office/gaming chair after the jysk billum I bought not even a week ago is destroying my lower back since it feels that there is absolutely no support for my back. after lots of searching online,(unfortunately its not very easy for me to go to a store right now and try out different chairs) I found this one chair that seems very very nice at an affordable price. https://allegro.pl/oferta/fotel-gamingowy-obrotowy-biurowy-kubelkowy-gracza-9022081142 and in german amazon https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Execu
  14. well that sucks....better start looking for other alternatives then....
  15. oh I propably should have mentioned that my tv doesn't have wifi built it but needs a specific external adapter by samsung to have wifi and since its an older model,I'm not sure how easy/cheap it is to find. so I need an extra dongle or sommething for tv wifi