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  1. Probably makes me a bad manager but. Was a manager at a place like that once, I used to tell my staff, if you have long hair, use that to hide them. If not, I'd let them get away with hats when I could but otherwise would recommend skin tone headphones. The people who were anal about it rarely got up close to people so as long as it wasn't obvious they were fine. I thought the rule was dumb so I certainly wasn't going to be on anyone's case about it.
  2. Great for me since I just got screwed on the Anroog A10s. I think I'm just going to suck it up and get the FREEXs but worried since its through harmon instead of amazon. Pulled the trigger though cause I need it in my life Wanted to help LTT by using affiliate link but I'd rather buy some merch than spend an extra 50 on my headphones.