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  1. To be honest, Lasers which has color print facility cost more than what I can afford. Plus, ink costs will burn my pockets. Will try to manually perform a ink flash if possible by myself looking into the manual said by @Kilrah. Let's see what happens next. Thanks for your time.
  2. Installed it and restarted my PC. Still same issue, no yellow color while printing.
  3. Can't find anything called 'Other devices'. In "universal Serial Bus controllers' I found these. But can't identify the one.
  4. Can't find my printer drivers.
  5. Thank you. Yes, this is the printer that I use. I am running on Windows 10.
  6. Basically I don't know if this is even a question to ask here but hope that I might get some help from here. I have a Epson L130 Inkjet Printer. Use it weekly to print. But suddenly yesterday found that my printer isn't printing 'Yellow' color. Other 3 colors are coming out properly. Note, all 4 ink tanks are full. I checked manually from the side of the ink tanks. I am no expert in troubleshooting printer and I this is my first printer in my life that I actually bought for myself. Dues to COVID lockdown, I can't even call for home maintenance. Can anyone tell how to fix this? Heard there is a
  7. Actually thats the problem here. These kinda keyboards aren't that much available in a physical shop in my country because everyone buys a 2$ 'Al-Cheapo' keyboards in my country. All good keyboards here are sold online. Weird country huh? So I am relying on all of you guys who uses one.
  8. In my country, We have Razer headsets but no keyboards. A big duuuh! ?
  9. True! Will keep an eye on the K70 pricings in my country then. Though I doubt if I have keyboard officially in my country. ?
  10. Got the idea of the Logitech G610 Orion from here actually. But still I am looking for some suggestions. I was thinking of taking a Cherry MX key keyboard within 60-65$ during the Black Friday sales. So, I hope you will drop some suggestions. Thanks for the video link though!
  11. Actually, I have taken my interest from Gamdias. Bought a Headset 'Hebe E1' or something like that. Used it for 7 Months and sold it to a guy at half the price because I got tired taking it to the After Sales Service TWICE. They gave me a full replacement on my last query as the salesman was a known guy to me. But after 4 weeks of using that unit CAREFULLY, the mic suddenly goes in to terminator mode. Had enough, sold it to another guy. Red dragon isn't available in my country, but I am willing to bring it from US/UK if needed. Can you tell me a model that you might recommend with
  12. Hey there everyone. I wasn't thinking of asking this question, but I'm getting nowhere in my choosing so I decided to ask out for your opinion. I was thinking of getting a new keyboard recently as I am REALLY fed up with my crappy A4TECH BLOODY nonsense whatever it is. I was thinking of buying something good and responsive. I almost write on my PC and game too. Note that whenever I play a game, it is Rainbow 6 Siege. I was think of buying a 'Cougar Puri'. But the problem is, if I wanna get that I need to buy the RGB Edition now. But I really hate RGB. Plus I did my own bit of resea