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    Ryzen 5 2600
  • Motherboard
    B450m steel legend
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3000mhz
  • GPU
    Msi super ventus 2060 super
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    Inwin 301c
  • Storage
    500gb intel 600p
    1tb wd blue
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    Seasonic m12 EVO 500w

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  1. It's my opinion on the situation. I'm not sure how you would like me to express that. Next time I'll ask you what my opinion should be before posting.
  2. It doesn't seem that obvious from the amount of people crying over it.
  3. I can't understand why people are getting so angry and upset at not being able to get a new card right now. For a great majority of us these are luxury items. I'm pretty sure life won't change if people have to wait a few months. Scalpers will always be there as long as some idiot is willing to pay them. You can't blame them for not getting a card. The amount of cards they have is a drop in the ocean compared to demand. We are turning into an "I want and I want it now" society, that's not healthy. 30 extra fps is not going to make your life better.
  4. I'm guessing the big sponsorship money would be in the videos with the latest and greatest. These guys have bills to pay. There are loads of other channels where ordinary guys and girls buy and test older stuff to see how it's holding up and give you an idea of what it should be worth. Tech Yes and Random Gaming come to mind.
  5. This is like 2 people completing a jigsaw puzzle. Just because they both completed it doesn't mean 1 was told how to do it by the other. It is possible that they came up with the solution independently.
  6. Crossed wires I think. If you're talking about the Voodoo I saw that one. My card is the gtx 570 which is probably too new for Clint.
  7. I'll never understand computers as long as I have a hole in my ass. I contacted the vendor. They asked me to check a few things. 1 was to try ram in only A1 with and without xmp. Which led to testing a few more combinations. When only 1 stick in A1 it passes windows memory diagnostics with and without xmp. 4 sticks pass without xmp but fail with xmp. 3 sticks in a2, b2 and either A1 or b1 pass with both xmp enabled or disabled. All 4 work individually. So it seems to be an issue only with all 4 running xmp. Edit: More re
  8. You're probably right there. That card would be far too new for Clint.
  9. What sort of performance are you getting from it? Asking as I'm probably going to sell on the Aurora when I'm finished and move on to another project. I'm not much of a gamer (the most modern game I have is Watch Dogs 2) Its going to be paired with an i7 950
  10. Ebay item received today. I feel like Clint from LGR Bought it to go the Alienware Aurora R1 I'm refurbing. I didn't realise the 570 was such a chunky monkey. 3 slots and 2x8 1x8 and 1x6 pin pcie power.
  11. I can give it a go. Edit: That's got it. Thanks
  12. Ryzen Master will not launch or uninstall. I get the "do you allow this app to make changes" then nothing. I've tried uninstalling and get "Ryzen Master Installation detects another instance is running" Closed from Task Manager then uninstall, still nothing. I've tried to run setup again to try and reinstall over the top, same message. Amd clean up utility doesn't shift it. Any more ideas?
  13. Good point. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Thanks Hoping it wouldn't come to this so I won't be left without my pc while they sort it. As its recognising all the ram and running (for a while) would this rule out cpu memory controller? Want to make sure I'm sending back the correct part.