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    The_Geek reacted to ShrimpBrime in Heatsink screws broke in motherboard socket   
    If he's gotta spend money on drill bits.... left handed... he might as well order a new back plate. Probably cheaper than a set of left handed drill bits. (just saying) 
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    The_Geek reacted to SkilledRebuilds in Heatsink screws broke in motherboard socket   
    Extractors exist.
    Please check this link (Pictures)
    Alternative Pictures/Source for the same thing.
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    The_Geek reacted to minwin0630 in Can't adjust brightness on Acer Laptop...this is embarassing   
    Haha I've had this laptop for 4 years now and haven't really had any problems with it except for the weird brightness thing, so luckily that hasn't been my experience.
    From what I've seen, Acer is really good for budget/bang-for-your-buck machines as opposed to like high-quality pricey stuff. The laptop I'm using was 579.99 and came with a 7th-gen i5 and a Geforce 940MX as well as 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD, an absurd amount of storage for that price point at the time. Definitely not the prettiest-looking machine though lol but it's got power where it counts
  4. Funny
    The_Geek reacted to SupaKomputa in Craigslist PC keeps crashing in games, please help.   
    Babe, you don't need a 2060, let me have it, 1060 is okay you know. lol.
    Why don't you test it in your gf pc first.
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    The_Geek reacted to kelvinhall05 in BIOS password - Asus VivoBook Flip 14   
    You can try clearing CMOS but if that doesn't work you're probably fucked.
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    The_Geek got a reaction from Flannelist in m.2 not working   
    There is a PCIe resource share issue I have heard about.
    Check the MB manual to see what PCIe rails are sharing resources.
    On some MB's if you plug in a device in a certain PCIe slot, you cannot use one of the other SATA/PCIe ports/slots.
  7. Informative
    The_Geek got a reaction from zebra67 in Installing 1050TI (Blank Display, but Monitor Recieves Signal)   
    Ok, try the PCIx4 slot, see if that works.
    Another thing you can do is take out the NIC, and leave ONLY the 1050 in the PCI Slots and see if you get a different result.
    If I remember I had the same board for one of my builds a long time back, and I have a feeling I had some issue with a GPU, do not remember exactly what it was though...
    Other than that, see if you can get a different GPU and try that, sometimes a GPU gets cranky... I know... LOL...
    Windows GPU drivers suck, so see if you can delete any drivers for GPU, use DDU so that any drivers that are there get cleaned out.
  8. Informative
    The_Geek got a reaction from zebra67 in Installing 1050TI (Blank Display, but Monitor Recieves Signal)   
    In the manual, look at Topic 2-5, it explains the working of the Internal Graphics vs Discrete Graphics card...
    Check that out.... Defaults may not work and you may have to change some settings.

  9. Agree
    The_Geek reacted to GoodBytes in Help with older laptop and Windows 10   
    An SSD will be more beneficial than more RAM.
    Windows 10 RAM usage adapts with the amount of memory available.
  10. Funny
    The_Geek reacted to kelvinhall05 in AMD A6 3650 APU with Radeon 6570 HD Graphics not able to run Windows 10 very well   
    Your comment is a waste of time. People come here for serious replies...
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    The_Geek reacted to Aragorn- in AMD A6 3650 APU with Radeon 6570 HD Graphics not able to run Windows 10 very well   
    Windows 10 is fine on older hardware, but it REALLY needs a good SSD and a decent amount of ram.
    We have plenty machines at work which are Core2Quad, and some Core2Duo, which run Windows 10, Chrome, MS Access etc all perfectly well.
    They do all have at least 8GB of ram and a decent SSD though.
    Gaming ofcourse is entirely different story. No 10 year old CPU had onboard graphics that was capable of anything more than running basic windows apps.
    If you want to run older games, you'll need to install an actual GPU. Something cheap like a 750ti would likely work well and be a reasonable match for the capabilities of the rest of the machine.
  12. Agree
    The_Geek reacted to LogicalDrm in AMD A6 3650 APU with Radeon 6570 HD Graphics not able to run Windows 10 very well   
    Whats the point of this thread? Are you asking how to make Win10 run lighter? Or options to it? Or hardware upgrades? Since it sounds like you are just whining that your 10yo hardware can't run 5yo OS. And then trashing every reply while not telling what you are trying to achieve.
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    The_Geek got a reaction from HanZie82 in Aorus B550 PRO not booting up, unidentified LED sequence   
    Mark this as resolved, so that if anyone else is having the same issue, they can come straight to this post please.
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    The_Geek reacted to SAVE-12-HK in R7 2700X and ASUS TUF GAMING B550-PLUS AMD AM4 (3rd Gen Ryzen) MB: Compatible?   
    its a simple NO then
    no hope for older stuff
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    The_Geek reacted to John1019 in R7 2700X and ASUS TUF GAMING B550-PLUS AMD AM4 (3rd Gen Ryzen) MB: Compatible?   
    I wouldn't buy a newer AM4 motherboard if you don't already have a compatible CPU or plan to buy one very soon. The 5000 series of processors will be its last CPU. By next fall you could upgrade to the next motherboard socket with new Zen4 CPUs. Alternatively you could probably get a smoking deal on a used B550 or X570 with a used 5000 CPU when everyone is upgrading to the new platform.
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    The_Geek got a reaction from DailyProcrastinator in R7 2700X and ASUS TUF GAMING B550-PLUS AMD AM4 (3rd Gen Ryzen) MB: Compatible?   
    I figured that.. wise thing would be to just wit... so I am going to be a little wise for a change... deals will always be there...
    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.
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    The_Geek reacted to LogicalDrm in I'm dumb pls help   
    Fresh Windows? Have you checked whats actually causing your problems? And with what they are happening? We can skip "more fps in games", thats not gonna happen without GPU. You are probably already running everything lowest possible settings. So focusing the removal of "lag when doing homework" is the better option. And without knowing what you mean by lag or what you have already tried, can't really assist.
    I mean, just using the blanket word as "lag" isn't very informative. Lag is network term and means you have issues with packets going from your PC to server and back. But since its used as blanket term, I assume you are seeing slow loading. Which could be from all 3 major parts, CPU, RAM and HDD.
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    The_Geek reacted to VLONE in Ram Problem - It DONT ADD UP!!!   
    Chrome is infamous for hogging all of your memory. Every tab is sandboxed, and extensions are each their own process as well, which means it ends up taking a lot of resources. As weird as it seems to say it, the new Edge uses far less ram and is pretty much just Google Chrome without Google account support 
  19. Informative
    The_Geek got a reaction from sloniupl in Please Help Me Choose a new Router   
    I had a similar issue, this is what I did and have not had a problem since.
    Keep the router
    Disable Wifi on the router
    Get an ORBI Wifi Mesh or similar, 3-4 unit mesh
    Hook it up to the router and just use that for wifi mesh
    Let the linksys control the routing and access.
    Also, Google wifi testing apps, I use inSSider, it can tell you what all channels are saturated in your environment, and you can chose a channel that has the least interference.
    That should help with the wifi thruput issue.
    You can do this investigation before you go out spending money, this may show you where the issues are and you may be able to fix it.
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    The_Geek got a reaction from Mohamed ElHussainy in Intel/Nvidia better than buggy ryzen/radeon   
    Just change the MB, No B450, and the AMD Graphics suck, they cannot cook the drivers right so far...
    So stick with the CPU
    Change the MB
    Change the GPU
    rest all is great.
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    The_Geek got a reaction from ZahariaBgdn in 1st Pc built, having questions if everything is ok   
    Nice setup, I like the little things you put in the case itself...
    That prevents the airflow, and that can cause for the temps to go high.
    Also, I see you are using the Stock AMD Cooler, you may want to go for a good aftermarket air cooler.
    The behavior you are seeing is due to CPU throttling, and that happens when the CPU heats up.
    I know you said you are on a budget, but you do need to replace the Stock AMD cooler, as during gaming and other CPU intensive tasks, the system will throttle down the CPU.
    Noctua is a good brand. Or something similar...
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    The_Geek got a reaction from TekSupport in New PC Build Issues....   
    Try the GPU in a different slot with everything remaining the same first.
    Make sure that the CPU cooler is not put on too tight.
    There are apps from the M.2 drive manufacturers, try to use one and see what temps and state your NvMe's are.
    I think a 250 GB drive for OS is too small, the OS itself takes about 50 GB, and then there are all these applications.
    Also, have you installed the games to the C drive or the D Drive?
    If C drive, then you may be running out of space, as the game progress may be eating up the 250 GB drive.
    Some of the things that come to mind initially....
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    The_Geek reacted to Epitome_Inc in Help New build not displaying   
    Have you tried plugging in both EATX 12v_1 and 12V_2? I see 12V_2 isn't populated.
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    The_Geek got a reaction from Bombastinator in Wired mouse zig-zag motion   
    Are there any cats in the house.... ???? LOL... JK..
    But this is crazy... Did you try the front USB Ports...?
    Is there a PS2 connection on the PC, can you try that?
  25. Agree
    The_Geek reacted to jjbeebe in Computer Seems to Break Our Network   
    Depending on you router you can put limits by throttling things on the network to help with issues. Also using opendns ( and ) as your dns servers for you router can help with security concerns and performance. You can also create an account for free on their website and block stuff like porn, some malware etc... for free (https://www.opendns.com).  I would recommend using malwarebytes and some tools listed below to scan the roommates computer. 
    Emsisoft Emergency Kit