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  1. Any one suggest me to buy CPU, Am planning to buy PC for VMware lab setup for this AMD or Intel CPU are good? Thanks in advance.
  2. ryzen 7 2700x gives display out put without graphics card? This plan is for build the server.
  3. Are you using any one of this mobo? This are stable one?
  4. I didn't remove the filter may be it failed or not functioning?
  5. My ACER monitor display turn white. Any idea why it turn into white?
  6. I need a cheap best x79 mobo. * To user xeon processor * Ram slot should be minimum 4. * Not for over clocking.
  7. Am planing to mod my MSI g41m p26(I know this if old but this is for testing)motherboard bios and use xeon processor in it. After modding with xeon this motherboard support ECC RAM?