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  1. Kind of a simple question, I don't know. Wanted to know if there is anyone interessed in Roblox game development here on the forums, I know I might get a little banged for this but... Yeah Also I learned a lot about Roblox Lua programming with that, I'm only 13. I believe ROBLOX really CAN bring a lot of people into programming, which is great. If anyone wanna get started on ROBLOX development and doesn't really know much about programming I would suggest Alvin_Blox as your learning tool. my biggest flaw: forgets about putting .Value on a Value object and the thing d
  2. Didn't actually find that happening. It's using more CPU because now it's not capped and it HAS the ability to render more frames. That will require more CPU power. I prefer having unlocked frames than having 1.5% less CPU use. You CAN also still CAP the frames to 144FPS for example (presets: 30, 60, 75, 120, 144, 240, or off, you can also modify that that number in the settings file and set it to a custom number of your choosing.) if you use GSYNC/FREE SYNC but want more than 60 frames.
  3. Unlocker, ROBLOX for some reason is CAPPED at 60 fps. (some say it's V-SYNC) not sure about that though. It's not a virus, they have been people saying it was made by someone AT roblox but.. coudn't actually find information about it. Wanna know more I answer back there.
  4. No, it isn't. While virustotal might say the 32bit version has alot of warnings most of them are the ones that GUESS. like Bitdefender, avast for example doens't think it's a virus. If you see what the antivirus pops out it says: Riskware or Trojan (sometimes). Trojan is false. It's an assumption. Riskware means it's a program that has THE POWER to do bad, but that might not. In this case, youtubers use it and no one has ever complained about it. 32 bit version simply requires more permissions. Probably developer isn't used to working with 32 bit or that's just the reality. I recommend it's us
  5. Eh, I tried bitwarden and i don't know if it has any security problems but I just love it. It's everything that I wanted. Like everything.
  6. I can't see creates new random passwords for you and also I can't import passwords to it i think
  7. It's just one of the reasons. The app is super weird. There's a LastPass keyboard that is useless, the app glitches alot, sometimes things autofill is disabled, it takes too much too authenticate. No one likes last pass for Android
  8. Kinda wanted to update this anyway, I've found a really annoying thing with them; Google Assistant, it basically DOESN'T WORK. When you double tap to open up your assistant, it gets what you're saying completely wrong and also, the audio quality gets decreased for some odd reason. This is more of a particular issue with me. But the eartips just don't fit my ear because the small ones are TOO small, the big ones are just too big for me and the medium one only really fits in my left ear, my right ear is slightly smaller and I need to push it in and then try to bring it out just a little bit unti
  9. Do you guys know any other apps? Google's one doesn't do anything
  10. So recently I've noticed the bad android implementation for LastPass. I was using dashlane before but couldn't anymore because it wouldn't save my passwords online. But it was just.. way better. Recently maybe 1 week ago I've noticed that the LastPass app, shows "autofill" as its name. Everywhere. I was just wondering if this is only happening to me? And also if there's any other password manager that is free, unlocks with your passwords, works everywhere, creates new random passwords... just like last pass, except better. From what I've seen there just isn't. I don't get WHY last pass do