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    Ryzen 2600X
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    MSI B-450-A PRO
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    16 GB Corsair Vengance 3200MHz
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    Radeon 5700XT
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    Coolermaster B510L
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    Crucial P1 250 Gb
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    Corsair 650CX Bronze

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  1. I ran into a weird problem when previewing timeline footage. 95% of the timeline previews just fine but near the end the video decode on the card skyrocktes to 97-99% and Freezes the system until the timeline finishes. What would be causing it? I am using the mercury Cuda settings for render. Ryzen 9 3950X RTX 2080 64gb 3200Mhz 500gb NVME Boot drive 1TB NVME working drive Thank You
  2. Thats what I was worried about. Is there any work arounds that any one is aware of?
  3. I work for a large company that has very tight restrictions on end user control of computers. This is for security purposes. So my question is, is it possible to have a mouse set up on my personal pc (create shortcuts, macros, etc) and have it work on my work pc with no software on it. I know the mouse must have onboard memory, but other than that im lost. I purchased a G602 thinking that it will work with some of the software and be the answer to my problem. any solutions/ fixes will be helpful
  4. I have verified files and updated my graphics card drivers, however every time i launch the game it will load into the menu and then just close the program. No error message or anything. not really sure where to go. The game is installed on the SSD with the OS.
  5. Hey citizens, i am planning a night in the verse with my small org (4-6 players). What are some good activities we should get accomplished together. we are a semi lawful group ( not willing to pirate others but not opposed to transport of illicit cargo). We are up for really anything missions, cargo runs, cave dives, just need some ideas and locations for what to do.
  6. @Wellingtonzed I totally agree it would be awesome to see them create the ultimate flight set up/battle station and they could even see if they could get an alpha preview of Microsoft's new flight sim (Far fetched idea). maybe even have Alex design a cockpit design to hold monitors PC and peripherals could be a multipart series /build.
  7. @KarathKasun Thanks ill disable OC genie and see if that fixes the issue
  8. Not really pushing for points just wanted optimize my CPU's output. If its just causing instability I'd rather not fight with it.
  9. I know the 2600X is already factory "OC" should i just disable and let it run stock settings?
  10. So relatively new to the PCMR, recently built a new system. However every time I go to do stress test or run a benchmark (Blender BMW for both CPU &GPU), my screen will go black about 1-2 minutes into the run. The error light on the Mother board indicates a VGA Error. A quick restart will get me back to windows, with no errors, so what am i missing. system specs below. Nothing is overclocked manually, just running OC genie through Command Center App. System specs Below. Heat shouldnt be an issue to hasnt risen above 80*C Motherboard-MSI B450 A PRO CPU- Ryzen 2600X GPU
  11. So very new to the forums and very new to pc building and troubleshooting. The bug I keep encountering is when I first boot or wake my pc I often have to unplug and replug the DP cable from the graphics card. I am running updated drivers through Radeon settings and updated windows settings. Is there something I am missing or is it just a bug with the current drivers? the card is a reference design by msi.