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  1. Took my PC to a have diagnosis done and they said it was the memory. They were 2 brand new modules. So I replaced them started up the PC and right after bios I got a kmode thread exception not handled. The bsod seems to bounce between kmode thread exception not handled and system thread exception not handled. I called him and he said bring it in again today. Is there anything I can say to him? Could it be the Mobo? Like one of the slots? What else can cause these two codes? Any advice. The PC sad is empty. I can't even boot from USB to install windows without one of these bsods.
  2. Thanks. That's what I thought so I'm taking the PC to the retailer because they are all still under warranty.
  3. Purchased and installed new ddr4 memory. Still cannot install windows 10. I get to the bios logo and then it tried to install windows (I see the windows logo) but then bsod...system thread exception not handled and then it reboots and repeats doing this. Can it be the graphics card? Or the CPU? PSU? These are all that I have left to eliminate. Not sure what to do.
  4. I that that too so I took out the SSD and formatted it. Nothing works. I either get a page fault error or system thread exception not handled.
  5. I was thinking the same. But with the virus going around nobody wants guests. I'm picking up some new ram tomorrow and I'll try that. Worst case is I have more RAM.
  6. Honestly I don't know how to check that. I know where they are but never knew how to read them.
  7. I haven't been able to. I tried by using a windows boot USB. I chose that as the boot I. Bios but after I save and exit it freezes on the windows logo for a few seconds then blue screens.
  8. Hello everyone. I built a PC about 8 months ago. I have a Ryzen 2700x Msi gaming x 1660 ti 32 GB 3200 Vengeance lpx ddr4 ram Gigabyte aorus b450 motherboard Corsair 850w psu Until last week everything was fine. I was watching YouTube and downloading some files when a got a "blue screen of death" it restarted and since then has not been able to get past bios. I can enter bios but when I save and exit it loads the eagle logo and then blue screens again. I took the motherboard to the retailer and they tested it and said they can enter windows. I have taken
  9. Hey guys/gals. I took the movie to the retailer and they checked it and were able to boot fine into windows. I took it home and I can't get past bios. I tried to install a fresh windows from USB bit I get a blue screen saying something about examtion not being handled. I tried using one memory stick swapping between the two and nothing. Could it be my graphics card? It's a msi gaming x 1660ti. Could it be my pay? It's a Corsair 850w gold modular. I am so lost. I recently purchased some uphere fans could that be the cause? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I'll try reconnecting all the cables again. I didn't try that, thanks. Yeah that's the process I saw for the cmos and it didn't work. I appreciate everyone's help, thanks so much.
  11. Sorry about that. Yeah I took out the battery too for about 30 mins but it just kept bootlooping.
  12. Hi I built my PC about 7 months ago. It's a; Ryzen 2700x 32 GB 3200 Vengeance lpx ddr4 ram Msi 1660ti gaming x overclocked edition Gigabyte aorus b450 pro wifi Corsair pay 850w It was running great until yesterday. I was, coincidentally, watching ltt on YouTube and I suddenly had a "blue screen of death" appear. When it restarted it was stuck in a bootloop. I am able to get into bios but not pass the repair screen. I see the eagle and repair with circles but then it just bootloops. Is it the motherboard? I unplugged it from the wall. I reseated the RAM. The mother
  13. Yup I adjusted to the recommended by ryzen calculator. Still says 1065 MHz each stick