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  1. So i have an EVGA 3090 FTW Ultra OC and im wondering if anybody has found a standalone waterblock for this card? If not, do you guys think there will be a waterblock made for this card? I've been on evga website and they have the waterblcock but in order to buy the block you have to buy the dang chip along with the block. I just want the block...
  2. I just put the board in and everything is running fine. Except for one thing that is annoying the crap out of me. My board keeps posting anywhere from 55 to 45 and counts down to 32. It’s a revolving cycle that never stops. I looked at the post code table and it doesn’t even show up on the table. I have a 3700x in it with 3800 tridents cas 14 which is reading 1800 on the fabric clock. Advice would be nice, thanks.
  3. Okay. Thanks guys for all the help.
  4. So I just switched my x570 gaming x to an msi x570 Meg ace. I’m fairly new to building computers and what not. I looked the process up and when it came to windows 10 and swapping motherboards it seemed really complicated. But then I saw some people say it was easy. So I swapped them out and booted up and I literally didn’t have to do anything. Windows 10 recognize EVERYTHING . It almost seemed to easy. Am I missing something? Did I do something wrong that I’m going to regret later on?
  5. Doesn't go past 55c on cinebench full load, so my statement stands. Eat a banana. Why don't you update one of your builds and try it?
  6. Anyone who says otherwise can eat a banana
  7. so gigabyte removed the cool n quiet mode from their motherboard bios which really pisses me off....
  8. where do i configure this option? in ryzen master?
  9. i have a gigabyte x570. is the amd 3rd gen chipset driver really necessary? shouldnt it already have updated?
  10. I am just wondering if any of you guys has noticed that your temps and voltages are more stable (default/stock only)? my temps use to run rampant spiking all the way up to 55c in idle and voltages woulld hit 1.5 in idle. Now in idle my temps are at 35c-37c and voltages are at .9. Did something happen in the background with amd or gigabyte(motherboard) that i am unaware of? I manually update bios which i have F4g(do not ban me that is the name of bios update). Havent updated to F4j because destiny 2 is garbage and i dont care about it. opinions are appreciated. Thx.
  11. xBLUEDOGx


    its good as long as it doesn't leave tiny particles of ethanol like it does in carburetors with ethanol gas....
  12. I agree. However, i would like to see one the the youtube dudes do a piece on these stock fan ramps... It seems to be freaking out a lot of people.
  13. yeah i have everything on default simply because im not very experienced in overclocking and i dont want to fry anything. i will say this, when i am gaming and have everything on ultra settings my temps stabilize at 55c and do not budge from that.
  14. okay thankyou. maybe ill just buy a different fan...
  15. its the stock ryzen 7 3700x fan. it is ramping up like you said. but why is cpu getting up to 55c if at idle? is that normal?