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  1. I am mining monero with my Ryzen 7 3700x and I have Kraken X62 AIO. Liquid temps are at around 35C, while CPU heats up to around 75C. I have set some overclocking - 1.35V and 4150 core clock. The main question is, what should be the difference between CPU temp and liquid temp? I am guessing that the big gap between the two could be either by bad thermal paste (heat not moving to AIO as good) or my overclocks in combination with mining. My CPU currently runs at 72C, which I am not worried at all, I am just curious , is 35C/75C difference usual?
  2. I have tried 3080 too, it works normally. I also tried downclocking 3090 by 80 mem and 80 core, it did not help.
  3. I used the latest drivers available. The 3080 works fine though. I just installed it and it worked straight away.
  4. Whenever I start to play Warzone, the game crashes with error 5759. The crash happens somewhere from 0-3 minutes after I jump of the plane. What could be the reason for this? Bad drivers? Edit: I used DDU before installing the GPU.
  5. Hey guys, I am not sure if this is in the correct category, please move it if not. So I would like to make two same folders on two different disks. I have a 2TB hard drive and another 120GB SSD(I have windows installed on 500GB NVME). I would like to save my backups, pictures, etc. in 2 folders on both drives that are automatically synchronized. So that if I add a new file to the folder, both folders would update. This way I could protect myself in case of HDD or SSD failure.
  6. Tried that, I used the same sata cable and port that I use with another disk, it was not recognized
  7. Out of the blue, when I click start in windows I do not get any results when typing anything. The only thing that happened was that my PC crashed twice in a row upon booting. But then I went to Windows normally and continue to use it ever since. What could be the issue? Anyone else had a similar issue before?
  8. As the tittle suggest, one of my two 120GB SSDs in RAID 0 is not recognized neither by motherboard or windows when connected via SATA data cable, but when I connect it via docking station it gets recognized. I even tried ReclaiMe software which actually finds all the files on the RAID 0, but it is requires 80$ payment which is a bit too much for me at the moment. Is there a way to connect them together without the 3rd party software? You can find screenshots of disk manager in attachment.
  9. I did this, multiple times. Did not make a differance
  10. Hey guys! I have been facing an odd issue. I have a vega 56 PowerColor GPU and I have a code 43 error, which should be a driver issue. I have deleted the drivers with DDU multiple times(both Nvidia and AMD) before installing the new drivers, nothing solved the issue. More things that I have tried: Using another GPU on the same PC (RTX 2060, not mine) - Working normally. Enabling integrated GPU and reinstall drivers(DDUed first) - not working. Tried different preinstalled BIOS modes (the physical switch on the GPU) - not working I have tried the latest AMD drivers (19.7.
  11. After the post, I was not able to see the drive anymore. I was able to get into troubleshooting mode and run chkdsk..it turns out that the disk is in RAW "state". I have another PC at home, I added the NVME disk to it, booted the PC and couldn't see the NVME disk. I tried to format it, but couldn't see it in disk manager. Any other solutions?
  12. update: once I saw the disk in windows setup, I restarted the PC, now the disk is not recognized in Windows Setup either. What BIOS settings should I try?
  13. Weird thing happened to me. I was away for a few days, when I came home, my bios did not recognize the nvme SSD. I inserted the windows installation USB, I saw that I can see the "missing" nvme, but it is empty. There was a power loss when I was away, the pc was turned off but still connected to the power. Could that erase my SSD? Another thing that came to my mind is that I recently got a new monitor and decided to use DisplayPort. When I shut the pc down, I could still see the nvme rgb lights flash(I have aorus RGB m.2 SSD) even when I removed the power plug from the PSU and