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  1. I just bought a new light fixture for my apartment, but I cannot replace it because the wall plug and the lights are on the same breaker as my computer. Will have to deal with the crappy light fixture until the end of the event...
  2. Oh wow, sorry to see you go. Your make some good points in your letter though. Particularly https://folding.den-fi.com/foldingresignationletter.html#a-decade-worth-of-lies. Thank you for all the contributions though!
  3. Just a 10 year. Literally starting to get into Scotch so trying to buy a little bit of everything, trying to figure out what I like.
  4. Yeah, pausing and upausing seemed to work in the past for me but not anymore... oh well
  5. Not getting any WUs on my GPU... will wait for my current CPU WU to finish and will try restarting my system and see if that helps?
  6. LTL;FTP. Just signed up for F@H, excited to be able to help! I was actually stuck in Wuhan for about a month when this whole thing started, and my partner is still stuck over there. Hoping that this will help at least a little bit, and that this thing will be over soon.