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    Sumolizer got a reaction from Isaac Clarke in R9 380 MSI 4gb with Enermax PSU-Question   
    I would say a CX 450/550 (Grey Label)
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    Sumolizer got a reaction from BarackOBatman in Antec vs Corsair   
    Got it . Thanks
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    Sumolizer got a reaction from Ben17 in a GTX 960 2gb whit a ryzen 7 2700x good combination????   
    Its OK .
    I am using it and i use it for esports games only and it does pretty well tho
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    Sumolizer reacted to unclewebb in CPU not maxing out !!   
    The 34 multiplier is only used when a single core is active. The C states have to be enabled as well to use the highest multiplier.
    http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_i5/Intel-Core i5-2400 CM8062300834106.html
    Some Intel CPUs support limited overclocking so you might be able to add +4 to those multiplier numbers. Try using Intel XTU or ThrottleStop or your bios to see what is possible.  
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    Sumolizer reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Boost Clock?   
    As a side note, FurMark is considered a power virus (i.e., designed to draw as much power as possible) and GPU manufacturers implement protections against this (https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/discover/115902/using-furmark-and-other-stress-tests-with-geforce-graphics-cards/)
    FurMark is also unrealistic. The conditions it puts on the card almost never happen in real-world use.
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    Sumolizer got a reaction from Mira Yurizaki in Boost Clock?   
    So stupid of me.
    I checked the clocks on Apex Legends and Yeah its really fine
    (Its even more than the advertised clocks)
    GPU is hitting around 1280 mhz.
    Anyway Thanks for your help
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    Sumolizer got a reaction from chen57 in Should I upgrade my cpu or gpu   
    i7 3770 is still a pretty decent cpu.
    You should upgrade your GPU first
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    Sumolizer got a reaction from CharmingPanda in Help with graphics card choιce   
    There is a little to no difference b/w the 5700xt and 2060S.
    i would go for a RX5700 XT
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    Sumolizer reacted to Tan3l6 in I want to oc my Q9650   
    You could try default voltage and just set multiplier in bios to 35 and do stability test. If all is ok, the oc is done.
    What I'd do stability test - Prime 95 Small ffts for at least 15 minutes. If games or programs crash after that then it obviously isn't stable.
    If doesn't boot then just clear cmos and try again on lower frequency or rise default core voltage. Though your CPU cooling would need to be upgraded for the best result.
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    Sumolizer got a reaction from TheGlenlivet in I am so Done   
    Yep i did it several times
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    Sumolizer reacted to Spotty in Recommend me a PSu for this GPU   
    No. It's an old unit based on the Seasonic S12ii. Not very good.
    Not the worst that you listed though. Your system is fairly low end so it shouldn't matter too much. At least Antec is still in business so you can RMA it when/if it breaks (assuming you bought it new and have warranty, that is).