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    Otto_iii got a reaction from sourabh40320 in Hold out for AM5?   
    I'd agree on CPUs, but on GPUs, especially since he really seems to want a RTX card eventually, id highly recommend waiting. 

    Even on a 2080TI the tensor cores aren't beefy enough to actually utilize the rest of the graphics core, and you just end up with half baked performance running with RTX-On at the moment.  Id get a RTX 2070(Super) or 5700(XT) (id steer clear of the 2060s, they are a ripoff) and wait for next gen RTX if that is your concern. 

    If you really want to kinda minmax but be happy for awhile, and are hellbent on Nvidea, get a 1660 Super and wait for next gen, its more then enough for high refresh 1080p medium-high (depending on refresh rate desired),
    If you wanna go super-duper minmax get a 120$ rx570 and save ALL that money for next gen graphics, that thing can still do higher refresh 1080p on mix low settings(high textures) 120hz-ish for most games

    If RTX actually does become a big universal thing, any of the 2000 series cards are going to look silly in a couple years, for that reason i think its better to just ignore RTX on the 2000 series, or buy a card thats reasonable value like the 2070S if you want to dip your toes into it here and there right now
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from sourabh40320 in Hold out for AM5?   
    First, if you aren't wealthy you should never buy the most expensive hardware just because you can, just like new Astons, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis they devalue harder and faster then anything, while more moderately priced stuff (lets say a BMW or a Lexus for analogies sake) doesn't cost as much and holds more of its value.  Im including capability into some of this value, rather then just resale $.  So in your orginal case a 8-core CPU, even if at 5ghz, may not be that big of a deal if its on old architecture with lots of security issue patches hindering its performance (9900k) in a few years.  Likewise it may not be cheaper but a 12-core 39000 probably will continue to increase in what its capable of as more programs and games start using more threads/cores. 

    So far as AMD vs Intel? AMD will probably continue to lead for next few years, and investing in cores will likely be a good bet, but there is a decent chance now that they have 'Mindshare' (consumers actually respect, want, admire AMD) they may start jacking up prices and your return on investment will shrink.  I state the notion of them jacking up prices based off 3rd gen Threadripped prices, there is other evidence of it very recently but won't go into that.

    You seem to really want a RTX card for whatever reason, i would say its probably better to wait till next generation, even on a 2080TI the tensor cores aren't beefy enough to actually utilize the rest of the graphics core, and you just end up with half baked performance running with RTX-On at the moment.  Id get a RTX 2070(Super) or 5700(XT) (id steer clear of the 2060s, they are a ripoff) and wait for next gen RTX if that is your concern.  Or if you really want to minmax, and are hellbent on Nvidea, get a 1660 Super and wait for next gen, its more then enough for high refresh 1080p medium-high (depending on refresh rate desired), if you wanna super-duper minmax get a 120$ rx570 and save ALL that money for next gen graphics, that thing can still do higher refresh 1080p on mix low-medium settings
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from maartendc in Need help with building a cheap low teir gaming rig.   
    For used GPUs RX480(80$ish) or R9 Nano(100$) are your friends, alternatively for Nvidea the 970(80-90ish$) will be your friend, if you had 200+ to spend on used GPU and a good PSU then a used Vega are apparently really fun to tweak, usually undervolting core and overclock the HBM VRAM being the beez knees with any of AMD GPUs with older power hungry architecture, but gifted with HBM VRAM.  If that sorta tweaking sounds fun but 200$ is too much then that is why i mentioned R9 Nano.  Problem with cards that use HBM(2) is they were often very popular for mining, which by itself isn't the worst, but likely means they could come with vbios setup for mining and even if you can install correct vbious sometimes they'll just konk out after the fact.  With any of these cards get atleast a decent 80+ Bronze 450W power supply, usually can find them 45$.

    Can you overclock with motherboard that came with thinkcentre?  I wouldn't imagine not with most OEM sourced boards, not sure what board came with it though.  If you want to use that motherboard and it can't overclock i'd highly recommend a 3770 over a 3570k, the extra threads help alot for reducing stuttering in modern games that often look for more then 4 threads. 

    Actually, i used to have a 3570 (none K, 3.8ghz iirc, paired with 1050ti i regret purchasing instead of rx570) and honestly i'd just go with a 3770 even if you can't overclock it because the stuttering can be a real problem, especially with games that use newer graphics engines (DX12 in particular.), no point in pushing high frames in a FPS if quickly looking around side to side causes huge, intermittent, frame-rate dips. 
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    Otto_iii reacted to The1Dickens in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    It shouldn't matter if someone is "certified" if they are saying the same thing as the certified person. That doesn't change the information. That looks to be what the complaint is.
    The reason you won't affect change in anyone that A.) doesn't know you, B.) doesn't trust you, and C.) doesn't have proof of your ability to execute what you are saying, is because nobody trusts anything these days without proof. That proof usually comes from the fact that the individual is living what they say. And you will always have people that ask 'how', but still not believe what the person says. And nobody wants to run with information that is not true, might not be true, or can't be proven immediately right then and there. And once you start trying to discuss concepts and theories and applications beyond someone's understanding, usually, they shut down and just assume you are withholding secrets and using 'industry lingo' or 'advanced concepts' to prove you are smarter than them.
    This applies to anyone who has experience in any field. Lots of people just want confirmation they are right, not to learn what is correct. Regardless if the person is "certified" or not, unless the person is already looking to learn what you are trying to teach, they won't be receptive of it, and will automatically assume you are asserting superiority. If you really want to teach, and for others to take you seriously, you will have to put yourself in a position where someone will be inclined to have faith in what you say.
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    Otto_iii reacted to bcredeur97 in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    So I can actually take some knowledge I’ve learned from my job and apply it in this situation... @Otto_iii
    It’s hard to prove what you know to be correct in your mind when you have no evidence to show the other party that you “know your stuff”.
    Its also easy to come off as rude when you speak that way. It comes off as if you are better than them. Even if that isn’t your intention, (and trust me I’ve been in your shoes before, and that was never my intention when I was like that) if you put yourself in their shoes in that situation you begin to realize “oh wow... it’s easy to misinterpret myself as rude” 
    In my job ive learned, You should try to think about how the other person will feel about what you are saying, get to their level FIRST, then talk about your topic from their point of view. Maybe get to know them, tell them what you’re interested in, maybe start with a simple question like “have you ever done x when driving?” . (You want to find their level of knowledge on your subject). 
    Then once you you are there, then stay on their level. Bring up more advanced topics with questions like “have you ever considered?” Do not jump straight to something over their head.
    if they are way below you, then they are just flat out “incompatible” with the idea you are trying to tell them. You’ll have to get this person to gain interest in your subject and inspire them to do research on their own and grow themselves. That takes time. And they may not want to — some people just flat out aren’t interested and don’t appreciate car physics and that’s — well, fine. But hey, once you got this far you’ve successfully built a positive relationship here and that person has no reason to resent your ideas. That’s your goal here.
    Theres just a /better/ way to approach people and I find you can connect with people a lot easier and people will be more willing to value and befriend you.
    i use this methodology as I work in a small IT dept, and I sometimes am going up to people regarding their help desk tickets. Sometimes people send in stupid stuff (like not knowing to use the start menu to search for something, or not knowing how to email something. It can be the stupidest thing!) ... but I know it’s just because they don’t understand something. So I try to get on their level and make it a teachable moment for them. A lot more effective than just saying not to do something or do something a certain way (in which they don’t listen and we get more tickets) 
    So far it’s proven very successful. Though it’s made me busier, everyone likes me so much at work they call me lol. Not a bad thing though, It’s helped me enjoy helping people more too! And management loves me for it because they’ve never had someone like that. 
    As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how important relationships are. You never know who you are going to meet in the future and also, you never know what other people are capable of. Plus, building solid, positive relationships are what a lot of people in high places do. Takes some work, especially if you’re a bit introverted like me. But it pays dividends.
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from r2724r16 in Is human evolution over?   
    Simple question, just asking 
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from Minidak in Is there a benefit to SLI a RX5700xt and a 1060 6GB?   
    One of the best XTs, should run nice, cool, and quiet ?
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from vimerate in Good B450 ITX Motherboard   
    Ya sadly, for whatever reason, i don't believe any mobo maker is pushing "Ryzen 3000 Ready" ITX boards.  Possibly just because its a more niche market, or likewise cause they want to sell the x570 ones ?‍♂️

    To the credit of the new x570 ITX boards, all of them have insanely good VRMs, in some cases better then similarly priced (200-240$) ATX boards, but they're still 200+$, so this puts people on a budget but buying newest gen for ITX builds in a odd spot.  Personally i would of liked to try to have gone for ITX if not for this, Cougar KAZE build or something similar would of been fun. 
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from JamesK95 in THIS Replaced Every PC in my House!   
    I don't like to be critical but i feel it might be worthwhile, specifically with this video. 

    Sometimes i think Linus is like the dad who had to sell his musclecar and his off-roading jeep for a family van, and then reacted by turning the family van into a hotrod monster truck, but because its computers and not many people know jack all about them everybody just nods their head and goes WOW, instead of like "wtf are you doing"

    Its neat tech though, could be really good for gaming bars, universities etc that aren't already using VMs and could be.  Might inspire some young people just getting into PCs who may work in the field, but when he started talking about how Yvonne's computer was broken, then i thought of all the times hes talked about broken stuff at his house on The WAN Show i kinda cringed. 

    This is all forgivable though, he has to make videos that will interest people and be something away from the norm, something new, what i suppose still irks me is when he considers individual components that cost more then most peoples whole computers "up to spec", graphics cards, monitors etc.   Like yeah sure thats up to spec for a wealthy techtuber but kinda feels weird watching it as a normal person, specifically how he treats and words it.  Its very posh and kind of a turn off, not all that he uses great tech but that hes so dismissive of even a 2070 Super.  I'm not saying he shouldn't push the latest greatest just that he could word the way he treats his own components better, i'd rather he talk about how amazing his stuff is, it would be less rude then acting like "a 2070 Super is bearly passable."

    Just word it a bit better, talk about your own gear with the respect it deserves, not like this. 
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from hippopotumus582 in Amd ryzen 3600x high voltage??   
    Now im not sure, temps would of made sense for stock cooler, but not a enermax.  I'd try taking the AIO off, repasting and reseating it. 
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from Tech_Dreamer in Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie   
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from boggy77 in RAM buying advise   
    I think intel as a whole is silly atm, but i like to think it looks something like this in a few years
    thats a ways off though at this point
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    Otto_iii reacted to Jumballi in Need new processor.   
    iirc, a good chunk of them never got the bios update, specifically cause amd soft debunked it and then left it up to the aib partners to modify the software themselves if they wanted it. I know asus wentout of their way to get some up, but not all of them, and msi didn't try last I checked 5 months ago.
    a quick google search tells me that asus only enabled the apu and not the cpu so I'd call a320 a dead platform for the mainline ryzen 3xxx
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from Ilegator in i7 3770 to Ryzen 7 2700 upgrade?   
    i dono 3770 sounding real good rn tbh, please mention such problems earlier in future posts. 
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    Otto_iii reacted to Tech_Dreamer in Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie   
    is KingKong a Godzilla Movie?
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from Ecridium in 3950X - Temp & Performance   
    Yes so far as that exact question.  So far as negative offset, i wish i could give more info but am on complete budget system, so i can't give proper experience with using it, could be good idea though

    old but maybe helpful video

    Regardless i'd suggest 1.25-1.325v OC, its very unlikely you will find better sustained clockspeeds then this, the "boost" frequencies you can get with PBO only happen in very single threaded applications like opening a browser tab, for very short limited period of time (no heat on processor), not anything gaming or app related.  Stuff that doesn't really matter, modern and future games care about all-core workloads, and thats why i recommend all-core OCs
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    Otto_iii reacted to Mister Woof in Need new processor.   
    Probably single channel ram - another 8gb stick (if only one) will help tremendously for AMD APU.
    If you are using the 2400g's GPU it will struggle some in many games still though.
    Motherboard lacks overclocking capabilities and also not really suitable for high end CPUs.
    You could get away with another stick of ram (assuming you currently only have one) to see if performance improves enough.
    An SSD will help tremendously as well.
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from Whiro in Are they compatible?   
    this is the question i ask myself everytime i think about myself and a nice girl 

    luckily with hardware i get rejected less often
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    Otto_iii reacted to Mister Woof in ram xmp help   
    First gen ryzen IMC is pretty weak.
    4 sticks is harder to get at max frequency.
    Could try reducing to 2933 see if that works
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    Otto_iii got a reaction from person223 in MSI 5700 mech oc   
    too many, i need to get a job at like a bestbuy or something tbhq
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    Otto_iii reacted to Shimejii in Ram speed   
    XMP doesnt always work, some motherboards even with a QVL they wont work properly. Id suggest trying 3000 mhz etc and see what works.
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    Otto_iii reacted to Shahnewaz in Ryzen 3600 or i5 9600K?   
    Selective bias? What will annoy you more? 140 vs. 160FPS? Or 160FPS with occasional stuttering or 140 with no stuttering?
    This will only get worse in the future as you play games with more demanding CPU requirements. The 3600 will handle it fine whereas the 9600K will choke.
    CPU upgrades aren't a drop-in option with Intel.
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    Otto_iii reacted to GoldenLag in Ryzen 3600 or i5 9600K?   
    You probably dont want to deal with the occasional hickups when apps in the background decide to compress or decompress some files causing stuttering in games
    And performance is not the only reason why you would want to avoid the 9600k. Its also because 10th gen is around the corner with a cheaper 8700. While more compelling than the 9600k. Still not as good of a choice as the 3600 is. 
    Buying a 9600k would not only be a bad buy against the 3600, but you will also get the extra benefit of buyers remorse when the 10600 comes out not too long in the future (samples spotted, meaning they are 1-3 mobths away)
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    Otto_iii reacted to colonel_mortis in How many of you logged in on xmas eve or xmas day?   
    In previous years there has been a significant dip on Christmas Day, but this year the number of unique visitors was surprisingly unaffected by Christmas

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    Otto_iii reacted to amdorintel in What places are there in the Detroit area to donate old computer parts?   
    staples/bestbuy will take your electronics legalling with just one dump!