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  1. It's not good for actual gaming. It's basically a 2gb 1060, but only when SLI is working.
  2. Some laptop manufacturers might allow overclocking, it seems yours doesn't allow it. It depends on the bios, not the GPU.
  3. Nvidia's official page recommends a 650w PSU, so they should be fine.
  4. What thermal paste did you use? Also, how much did you apply?
  5. It looks good! Best Buy should be restocking this week. You might be able to snag one if you follow an alert bot.
  6. What is that powersupply? I've never heard of that brand and that's likely what died.
  7. The MX230 is a laptop GPU. Your laptop has more than likely locked the ability to change frequencies.
  8. Look up reviews, see if the bottom of the laptop is being choked or not. If it is, then a cooling pad can help.