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  1. Well, you need a graphics card to do any sort of serious gaming.
  2. Make sure the sticks are seeded properly. If they are, then likely one of your new sticks is defective (I had this issue too back in 2013)
  3. You won't be playing Sea of Thieves or Battlefront with this build. Unless you mean battlefront from 2004
  4. You won't be gaming on this without a graphics card, unless you only play older/indie games.
  5. Oh yeah, I know they're there. I got a 3090FE from Best Buy yesterday myself. But I was looking at selling my 2080Ti, and they go for $2000 on Ebay, which is $500 more than what I paid for the 3090.
  6. If you're going to buy one of these, get the one with the 1050Ti. It's the fastest graphics card and will give you the best performance. However, the current prices of PCs and PC Parts are insane, so you'll be paying a premium.
  7. I've seen the page, but when you go to "BUY" it doesn't direct to any listings.
  8. I know the 3080 cards are out of stock, but I can't even find a listing for it.