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  1. I've recently run into an issue where my desktop will crash/reboot when I wake it from sleep. This does not always occur though. Sometimes it will happen right when I wake the desktop. Other times it takes 10 minutes to crash/reboot. Still other times, it does not (though more often than not, it will crash/reboot). This also happens on occasion when I first boot it up in the mornings. I've been checking the event viewer each time to see if I could find the problem. It has been a few weeks and I have tried to find any sort of pattern to this issue. The only pattern I have found is with one even
  2. I hadn't really looked at ultrawides much. I figured they were all far more expensive. Apparently I am wrong. That ultrawide is a rather tempting monitor.
  3. I currently have 1 single monitor. I edit video a lot and would really like to get a second screen (and some day maybe a 3rd). I currently have an AOC 22" monitor and it has been working well for me but feels a little small and now has a dead pixel. I've been looking for a decent, larger, and affordable, monitor to add as a second screen. The plan is to eventually get a second of that monitor to add as a 3rd or replace my current monitor down the road. I've spent a few months looking for monitors now and have found a few that seem to be decent and have some better features. HP VH24
  4. Yes. I have VLC installed now. I had it before, when I just had a laptop, and then never installed it on my desktop when I built it. When I booted my computer today I got a black screen with command line style text saying that something had been removed from the computer. It was only on the screen for a brief second. It was something to the effect of a "zunevideo" being removed. I don't know exactly what it said as it was only there for a moment before booting to Windows.
  5. I cleaned up files on my computer and somehow accidentally caused this issue (see the attached image). I can no longer open any video files to see them. This seems to be a problem with the "Movies & TV" program on Windows 10. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it multiple times now. This only results in the message taking a few seconds longer to show up the first time. I also worked through all the solutions listed on this page with no success. I get this same message no matter which video I try to open, old or new videos. Any ideas how to fix this? I would rather not have to do a compl
  6. Yesterday, my sister took on a large math problem involving the LTT folding team stats. The attached graph is what was created to determine when our team, LinusTechTips_Team, will overtake the other folding teams above it. At this pace we will catch CureCoin on Nov 19th, 2020. All credit for the math work goes to my sister on this one! The colored graph below shows each time and the intersecting points mark the days until the team is passed. "The lines represent the total points each of the top four teams will have, as time passes, given their present rates of change." As of yesterday, "in 38
  7. I am working on a large project for an upcoming theatrical performance at a local school. I will be running projection mapping before and during the show. I'm very new to this but have been building skills quickly. We are performing "The Wizard of OZ". I would like to be able to run a live motion capture of an actor who plays the wizard and have that be the live input for some sort of 3D model of a wizard head. All of this will need to be able to run in real time and through projection mapping software. I'll be using MadMapper for this show. I had originally thought of just using a live camera
  8. This has been quite helpful so far. I appreciate everyone's input.
  9. 1.5TB is a little low. But I do have a 1TB HDD in an external enclosure that I am planning to move to the computer, or at least make accessible from there. That would make a total of 2.5TB. For the footage I'm working with right now, which is only 1080p, I think that is enough to keep me going for a while. At least until I can save up for either more storage, or I think a NAS. As for fans, that's good to know. I wasn't sure what is necessary for it. Given the state of my laptop, I knew I needed much better airflow than I currently have.
  10. I've been learning DaVinci Resolve to be able to use it. I have been using Resolve to work on some of my video projects on my laptop, but it can't run very well. It overheats. But I plan to keep using Resolve as I've found it has a lot of potential, if I can get the hardware to run it.
  11. I'm working towards building my own PC. I've never had a full tower before, I only have an ultrabook laptop, so a lot of this is new to me. Below, I copied and pasted the guide from the top of the forum for this. I also have a link to a PCPartPicker list here as well. PCPartPicker List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xhVhtp 1. Budget & Location I don't have a huge budget for this. I am hoping to stay under $1,600 USD for my build. I do have about $1,800 USD saved with the extra $200 for shipping, cables, software, Windows 10 License, etc. I assume the cur
  12. This is my first post here on LTT forums. If this came up already, I didn't see it. My apologies. I've been looking up lots of information about building a computer in the hopes of building one some day. I've also been following the Ryzen launch with the x570 chipset (quite exciting for me). When looking at motherboards though, they all seem to only have either x16 or x1 PCIe slots. I have yet to see any with x8 or x4 size slots. They all show some configuration of x16 and x1 slots. Is there a reason for this? Or are there motherboards that include x8 and x4 slots that I haven't fo