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  1. Hello, I keep having issues with my monitors flickering. previously i have just updated the display drivers and it has resolved the issue... but clearly only temporarily as the problem comes back. I have done the test and I'm pretty sure task manger is flickering as well so I'm inclined to believe that its the displayer drivers causing the issue. I have tried rolling back the driver but that just changes it to the windows built in driver and then only one of my monitors work (I have 2 monitors). I have also tried updating the driver but it says I already have the most
  2. I’m going to be do video editing for YouTube and Instagram so want as many cores as possible. Also don’t want to have to upgrade any time soon
  3. Hmm okay, I think I’m gonna wait till August payday to buy the pc anyway. So may aswell just order the cpu now and then the other parts on pay day. That way they will all drive at the same time.
  4. Really? That’s so cheap? They are usually 500 plus
  5. Yeah I won’t trust that I’ll order from amazon and wait
  6. Well if I can’t find any website that has them or where I can get quicker then I’ll wait. Just wanna get from uk to keep costs down
  7. Hey guys, does anyone know any websites that actually has a 3900x in stock? Any uk websites as in the uk.
  8. Hey guys, does anyone know if there are any AIB versions of the 5700xt? I’m planning to get one that’s like 20 quid more as it will apparently benefit a lot more from a different cooler
  9. I’ll be using it for some gaming but also want to dive into the realm of video editing. Me and a friend are going all in with the YouTube and insta videos. Might aswell go for the best to start with rather than upgrading in futur
  10. I love you thanks so much , I’ll upgrade the cpu to the 3900x and then remove the cpu cooler as I won’t need it.
  11. Okay dude sounds good I like the idea
  12. Hey guys so I managed to make a pc on part picker that came to 1450 dollars so I thought it would only be 1200 max. To my dissapointmemt it actually came to 1450 to get from uk stores. So here my challenge. Can anyone make me a pc, that actually costs £1200-1300 pounds, that’s has 3900x, 5700xt, 16gb 3600mhz ram and can all be purchased from uk stores that are in stock. Obviously I know I have to wait for the cpu tho as it’s out of stock atm
  13. I thought this was only 1200 pounds as the prices were in dollars but actually costs 1450. Do I just buy them from the places it says to do I have to find up stores to buy them from. Have to wait until end of August for the cpu aswell