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  1. Hi All, Today I tried powering on my PC, and nothing happened, no LED showing on mobo, no nothing. I changed power points had the same problem, but I left it plugged in and randomly it switched on but turned off again and showed no mobo leds. I took all components out of my case and tried booting with no case, same issue. I put it all back together and got power again for 5 seconds, now nothing again no mobo leds. Here is what ive tried: Shorting power switch pins Reset CMOS Tried my PSU in a much lower spec system i have and it worked. R
  2. Hi All, I have a Bykski water block that I brought that has faulty RGB wiring. Is there any issues if I cut this wire or completely pull it out from the socket? I just want it gone so it looks clean in the case. Would this cause any issues like shorting? Im guessing wrapping the end in electrical tape would stop this. If I pulled the wire right out from were its connect to the block, would I have to do anything to stop shorts? Thanks
  3. Hi All, Im hoping to get some help, I recently took my waterblock off my gpu and put stock cooler back on as I was going to be moving house a few times. Under load my Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming OC is hitting 87c, I remember when I first got this card it would run at 77c max with stock cooler. So far I have tried, re-pasting the gpu x2, resitting in multiple times, tried different tightness with the screws I have two main questions: Were can I find the original thermal pad and screw sizes for this card? I'm 95% sure im currently usi
  4. Hi All, I was wondering if anybody could have a look at the picture attached and see if theres any issues with my horizontal, is the water level high enough for were the outlet point is? I wanted to some air in the res as it was hard to bleed and i was worried about pressure build if it was not bleed correctly. Second question relates to my second picture, I plugged the fill hole with a g1/4plug and it keeps on leaking when put horizontal. I added a male to female 1/4 connector then the 1/4 plug and the leak seems to have stopped. Is this a concern or normal with the fi
  5. So I installed the stock cooler, runs 15 degrees higher but even score was 5.4k stock and 3.8k g12 Kraken.... So frustrated, can't find any reasons for it
  6. Nothing, its weird. No, no heat sinks but they are well within thermal max's
  7. UWINFO does not seem to display VRM info, I tried to hit it with the laser, seems about the same temp as vram. Bench mark run stable, the longer it went on the more the clocks when down. Started at 1950mhz and dropped to about 1840mhz Temps were mid 60s
  8. Hi, My Vram temps were taken with a laser thermometer whilst running Heven. Ill run that benchmark and report back
  9. Hi All, I have a weird problem, today I installed a G12 Kraken on my 2080 TI, with a Corsair H55 My temps have improved over 10 degrees under full load with the card, but my Heaven scores have gone down massively. Previously 80 Degrees under Load Now 68 Degrees Under Load My Vrams are staying cool enough with a fan pointing at them, the max temps ive seen them after 35min of Heaven in 74Degrees. Any idea what could have caused my performance drop? I have tried re sitting the GPU and reinstalling the drivers, it was no help.
  10. Thanks all for the replies. Just a silly questions to go along with it, I should see a big performance increase from a 980 to a 2070 super?
  11. Hi All, Wondering peoples thoughts on what GPU would fulfil my current needs, I started doing a completely over the top PC and its come to upgrade my GPU, but now im stuck if I continue to go over the top of just stay semi high end with it. I currently play games like Apex Legends, Overwatch, CSGO, BF. Im hoping to be able to play most things at 1440p and 144HZ, I currently have a G Sync monitor so I'd like to stick with Nivida Cards. I mainly play games, but sometimes stream. My choices are: All prices are Australian Dollar Gigabyte nVidia
  12. Unfortunately, still nothing Checked for bent pins, cant find anything.
  13. Sorry i thought removing the battery for long periods of time did the same. I shorted the jumpers with a screwdriver, still not working