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  1. The second monitor is wide, really wide. 7680 pixels long. 3x Ultrawide. ha! When I made this thread, I was thinking about monitor configuration within linux and how it's like ten times easier in linux. Configure your monitor setup, save config file, and move on with your life. Actually, I could use some advice on using Intel and Nvidia drivers together in Linux. I couldn't get it to work with multiple monitors. ^The same exact setup but in Linux. You're using Intel HD Graphics and Nvidia drivers together to display multiple monitors within Linux? How many monitors are you using? Which
  2. Please excuse the late reply. I downloaded the application and I am messing around with it now. I don't think you can move the monitor at all. Too bad, because it displays the pixel position by X and Y axis. I wonder if I am missing something.
  3. My Monitors' placement is off by just a bit which is causing two annoying issues with my setup. The issues I am encountering the monitors are not right next to each other thus I am unable to move my mouse between them and the placement of monitors are off by a small amount causing incorrect mouse location within a VM. Is there a way to fine tune this process within Windows and save a configuration file for future use? Regedit, group policies, third party program? Please see the photo below. Nvidia: four monitors Intel's MB: three monitors Nvidia Control Panel can't access
  4. I misunderstood the manual when I was read it. I have never came across an in port for passthrough like this before. I guess there are monitors that only have thunderbolt ports on them? Why not just use a DP to Thunderbolt cable or adapter? I understand it's there so you don't have to use the onboard video, but I'm still not seeing the reason behind it though.
  5. This is a real head scratcher. I think, my DisplayPort is dead on arrival. I am testing the HDMI, DisplayPort, and the thunderbolt 3 port. The HDMI and USB C displays an image even at the same time, but the Displayport won't display at all. -Tried connecting different monitors to the DisplayPort -Tried HDMI to DisplayPort cable, HDMI cable to DisplayPort adapter, tested the DisplayPort adapter, and tried DVI adapter to HDMI cable to DisplayPort adapter because why not, right? -Tried connecting only to the DisplayPort, tried connecting to the HDMI & DisplayPort only, a
  6. I ran RealBench at stock and it was better than Prime95. 15 minutes with RealBench. HWinfo’s Max was 88c 1.356v. I’m hoping to start overclocking now. Would you recommend doing the following? My goal obviously is to try to get a stable 24/7 without degrading the CPU. XMP - Profile 1 MCP - off CPU Core Ratio - 49x CPU VCore - 1.25V ~Should I start higher or lower? Increase Core Ratio until Windows starts crashing. Then increase LLC to try and stabilize Windows. Next increase Core Ratio and VCore until I hit my max or crashes Max:
  7. Haha! Thanks for the link. What a commitment, but I bet it will be good. Thank you
  8. I was extremely worried about going over 1.3V with my previous overclock. I was surprised to see recommending it with the 10900k. I'll look into LLC and Vcore and their relationship. How would you advice handling Ring Ratio vs or with CPU Clock Ratio? I need to read more into Ring Ratio. Thank you for the detailed response. I appreciate it. I'll disable MCE and report back.
  9. Would you recommend that I not use a guide like this? This one. I have read a lot lately in regards to 10900k overclocking, but would you recommend another source or guide? Please excuse the basic question. I have heard and read from different sources that enabling Multi-Core Performance should be enabled for ocing 10900k because of stability issues without it. I haven't overclock in a while, but this was my plan. ~XMP set [Profile 1] ~MCE enabled ~Disable this then? *Windows>Run Baseline w/ Prime95 small TFFs ~Or switch over to Real Bench or Cinebench?
  10. I'll double check later on. I think it was 50x and low 1.3V, but I'll confirm this later on. The voltage looked good though yesterday. It's similar to this. The case is humongous. I'll take a photo later on. https://i.imgur.com/WXAtW9g.jpg Enchanted Mult-Core Performance was enabled by default, but I was going to keep it enabled for overclocking anyway. If you have more questions about the default bio settings, ask away. I wrote it all down. I'll try Real Bench later on today. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  11. I am using my old case Xigmatek Elysium until I buy a new one.
  12. I haven't even started overclocking yet. Today, I finished work and was all excited to start OCing, but I have to do it correctly. I gotta start off with the baseline. No overclocking at all. Clicked start within Prime95 with small FFTs, and bam! within five seconds I am already hitting mid 90c to high 90c with a single core hitting 99c. WTF! I wasn't prepared to handle this huge let down mentally. I reseated my AIO and the thermal paste looks like a textbook example of perfectly applied thermal paste. I feel like I could pick up my motherboard by the base of the AIO. It's screwed in correctly
  13. Ummm... I haven't tried one of these before. I might look into this. Thank you
  14. Bummer, that's what I thought. Thanks for the quick reply.
  15. I'm hoping to offload all of my auxiliary monitors onto the onboard video. For example, z490 Vision D has one HDMI, one Displayport, and two USB C. I can't connect four monitors to the iGPU, right? I am not seeing anything in the manual or online except for the limitation of z490 chipset which obviously means that isn't possible? Regarding the two Thunderbolt 3, can I connect any USB C to HDMI adapter? In the manual, they only mentioned DisplayPort video output, but a USB C HDMI adapter would be fine?