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  1. Done that multiple times. Only worked one time which could have been a coincidence considering none of the other times worked. Even if it did work temporarily Id have to do that constantly considering how frequently it slows down.
  2. Well, I've found the logs for my router but I dont understand them. Is it safe to post them here?
  3. I have AT&T U-Verse (I believe so anyway. I don't handle the wifi.) which in all the years prior to recently, has been pretty stable. As of the last couple months the internet speed will slow to a crawl for random amounts of time, at random times, and day or night regardless of who else is on the network. It hold around 0.15-0.30 mbps at times (its suppose to be 12mbps). I have checked if any updates were running or things were downloading, and 9 times out of 10 there is nothing consuming a large amount of internet. It would be one thing to assume it gets slow when everyone comes home from
  4. Yes it is. Found that Exclusive mode was on and turned it off which helped. Turned off Noise Reduction and it is better now.
  5. I have a Blue Spark SL, Focusrite Solo with gain at 50%, Phantom power turned on, input volume set to max in Discord, and my friends have me set to 200% in VC. Most people say im too quiet in Discord. No problems in Audacity or Steam calls its only Discord. Any ideas?
  6. $200 max for the camera. Its only for Youtube so im not looking to break the bank.
  7. I normally record gaming content through OBS on my PC, but me and a friend have decided to make some videos in real life just for fun. For our first video I used my Samsung S8 at 1080p 30FPS (can also record in 60FPS); The end result was acceptable enough, however next time I want to come better equipped. My first thought was to buy a small tripod and lapel/lavier microphone since it was mainly the phone's microphone that proved difficult. My other idea was to go a little more long term, and buy a beginner budget camera, and attatching a microphone to that. I've yet to lo
  8. I don't feel like explaining why, but theres tremendous amounts of background noise where I live, and I am not usually able to record when this noise is gone either. The bottom line is that I need some kind of software or hardware that will make this background noise more manageable, so I can record my videos. What options are available? Focusrite Solo Blue Spark SL
  9. Hey all. Im planning to finish my gaming PC soon so I can move on to VR and other things. The last real hurdle I have yet to jump through is my CPU cooler which is why im here. Im looking for CPU coolers that will clear the height of my RAM. Ive been looking at the 212 Evo but if you know of a better cooler that im unaware of please let me know. I don't plan on overclocking anytime in the foreseeable future. MSI x470 Gaming Plus Trident Z NZXT H500 Ryzen 7 3700x
  10. Its simple. I want to set up two microphones close to each other in a podcast or table like setting. How would I keep my voice from being picked up by the 2nd microphone and vice versa? Or is it even an issue/solvable issue? Probably a dumb question but im new and want to learn. Thanks in advance!
  11. Couldn't tell which topic to post this under so I hope im in the right place. I want to get into microphones for recording, gaming, and Discord (Ive used a Blue Snowball on a Chinese Neewer boom for awhile now). I was looking at Blue's website and saw the Yeticaster bundle for $200 which looked great for the price (Comes with Blue's Boom Arm, Yeti, and Shock Mount) however I was looking into it some more and for roughly the same price I could buy a Focusrite Scarlet and a Blue Ember or some other XLR mic and just buy a boom and shock mount later down the road. So what should I d
  12. Would have to do more research as I only scanned through google before bed. Seems a bit on the expensive side for what little purpose I need it for, but thanks for the suggestion. Does it have any software where I can change or turn it off? Lighting is fine but I don't want it to be distracting. Even on the board im using right now I turned off the flashy moving colors because it was too distracting for myself.
  13. As holiday sales are approaching very soon, I am looking for a keyboard to use at my local library as I do quite a bit of typing there. These crappy keyboards you get with a Dell or HP are the worst keyboards I've ever used. I digress. I'm looking for a cheapo (preferably sub $100) mechanical keyboard that is mildly quiet (enough so for library use). I hear Redragon is pretty good for being cheap. I'd prefer not to spend too much money though, because my daily driver at home costed my a pretty penny, and I'd rather not throw a $100+ board in the backseat of a car to use at a p