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    Hardware and Gaming are my main hobbies.
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    I am a gamer...
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    Intel core i5-4590
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    dell inc. 08wkv3 a00
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    8 (2x4) GB DDR3 @1600 MHz
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    XFX Radeon RX 570 4 GB
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    Optiplex 7020 OEM Case
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    WD Blue 2012 1x 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD, 1x 500 GB 7000 RPM HDD
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    FSP 500w 60APN
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    HP E240c
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    Dell Optiplex 7020 Stock Cooling and intel Stock fan
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    Dell Optiplex Classic Keyboard
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    ATick Gaming Mouse
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    XoltriXound speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

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  1. well, did it reach max clock (1244 MHz stock) on the default power limit? because for some mine doesn't unless I undervolt it or increase the power limit (or both)
  2. Yep, I thought it was an RX 570 until you pointed out it's supposed to have an 8-pin connector, after doing some research I found out the 470 has a 6-pin, not the 570, I'll also try to decrease the power limit as much as possible while still getting an acceptable performance, I thought the GPU was not supposed to draw more power than it needs even if you let it by increasing the power limit
  3. I think the reason it has a 6 pin connector instead of an 8 is because it's maybe an RX 470 with a 570 BIOS flashed to it, not entirely sure, but I saw the XFX RX 470 has a 6 pin connector, the PSU is rated 408W on 12v
  4. So is it possible that so much power can probably kill the GPU because of burning the SMDs? I think this GPU is an XFX RX 470 with a 570 BIOS flashed to it
  5. I think it's because this card is an XFX RX 470 with an RX 570 BIOS flashed to it, I am not entirely sure though
  6. I recently decided to run superposition benchmark at 1080p high on my XFX RX 570 at +50% power limit and -75 mV undervolt, I noticed that the GPU was pulling about 180 Watts, the weird part is, the GPU only has a 6-pin power connector, so that should be 75 watts, and it's pulling 75 watts from the PCI slot, so that should be a total of 150 watts. The reason I am a bit anxious about this killing the GPU (or all the PC parts) is that the PSU I am currently using is an FSP500 60-APN, it has OVP, OCP and SCP protection, but not OTP, so I am a bit worried about it making the 6-pin power
  7. yesterday after I finished eating Falafel I suddenly felt a really bad burning sensation in my posterior nares at the ceiling of my mouth, so I simply just ignored it hoping it gets better
    and today I woke up with an allergic sinus infection, and I am sneezing none stop, like fucking 3 or 4 sneezes per minute, and sometimes I forgett to grab a tissue and forget to look away and sneeze right at my monitor


    Such a great day

    1. Letgomyleghoe


      did you get some food stuck in your auditory tube? it happens to me alot and I end up having to this weird kind of snort to get it out. 

    2. InfinityVive


      3 minutes ago, Letgomyleghoe said:

      did you get some food stuck in your auditory tube? it happens to me alot and I end up having to this weird kind of snort to get it out. 

      Wait, what, how could that even be possible

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      1 minute ago, InfinityVive said:

      Wait, what, how could that even be possible

      it connects to your throat, afaik, might be another tube, maybe there's something wrong with me, idk 😂

  8. Is it alright to eat Oreo dry without milk? I usually eat it dry

    1. FakeKGB


      I do it a lot.

  9. Oh, good, could you link and original x360 controller for me to buy?
  10. Hi everyone, I recently bought an Xbox 360 controller (Obviously it's not original because I can't get my hands on an original 7~15 years old controller) and I noticed how its thumb-sticks and triggers have a big deadzone Simply, when I try to move the thumbstick very slightly nothing happens, it only starts giving input when it's moved past a certain point, anything before that point is a deadzone, it's really annoying considering how the deadzone is almost non-existent when I move the joystick to the right but very big when I move the joystick to the left. Considering this is my first co
  11. I mean... damn, I've posted this in February...
  12. Me: *Takes my dog for a walk*
    My dog: *Suddenly stops walking and intensely stares at that one super scary dark alley and starts warn-barking*


  13. Me when I've been with my dog for hours: "Ye my dog is an asshole I hate him so much"
    Me when I don't see my dog for 10 minutes: "Where is my good boy I need to give him a nice big hug right now"

    Am the only one like this?

  14. I don't own my dog, I have him and he has me, He's family ❤
    You can't own a family member.