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  1. So I had a discussion with someone who works on Appliances for a living about a non post pc. I was told testing failed units (Appliances) is the exact same as testing a Failed pc. I'm doubting other then test power like 12v, 5v is the same between the two. They both use motherboards and some appliances use a cpu. But id like to know what are the major differences is testing the two and what are the same. I understand this not many may know the difference but just had to give it a shot because im doubting testing the two are exactly the same...
  2. So I really need help here. Ive looked everywhere to figure out how this could of happened and hoping this will still work. But nothing.. I have an x299-A motherboard with 2 cpu socket pins a little rainbow, kinda as if they touched.. Im hoping if I put a 2066 cpu in it will still run. The pins are still there and in right placement as of now but just a little rainbow. I do not have a picture but I bet I could get one or a video.