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  1. Thank you. Maybe I'm more sensitive than other people but it is REALLY loud when I play Far Cry 5 (which is the only intensive game I have installed so far). I can't even play without headphones. Isn't that weird that the noise doesn't appear in Furmark when my GPU is pushed to its limits? Could that coil whine come from my PSU and transfer to my other components?
  2. Hello everyone, I've owned my PSU for now 4 years (Seasonic S12G 750W) and since day one it's always made a low constant buzzing sound which I associated to coil whine. Now yesterday, I upgraded my GPU to an Asus ROG Strix 2080Ti and when I play an intensive game, the buzzing from my PSU gets louder and I can also hear the same exact sound coming from my GPU. When I go into the pause menu it immediately stops. Weird thing is I tried running Furmark: total silence. Same with Cinebench, nothing. It only seems to happen when I play a game and both my GPU and CPU are