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  1. I had the same problem as you. I loved the Razer chroma light but i hate their switches. What i did? I bought a Corsair K70 RGB and painted the base plate glossy white. The results?OUTSTANTING...
  2. I bought Razer Chroma. I cant wait any more. Good job corsair. You just lost a costumer. Keep up the good job............
  3. Sorry for the double post. Hey good news! http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133453
  4. It is worth to buy instead the Razer Chroma? I found it available at e-bay. And i cant wait for the damm corsair. I like Razer vibrant colors. But i have seconts thoughts for Razer Switches. Any suggestions?
  5. Hi again fellas. Can anynone find me an k70 RGB Blue Switch anyware available that can ship to Greece? I am thinking to cancel the order from Scan.co.uk and ask for refun. Thanks in advance.
  6. I personally dont give shit abiut logo. I want the blue switch be available asap. I wont care a bit if for logo but their faces. I have allready pre order blues from scan.co.uk but the delay it fot 17 november, I hope they wont delay it more.
  7. Lol epic rage foto! I dont wanna dissapoint you but i am afraid they will delay k95 as well. I want to contact to Corsair to see what really happends. In newegg they availability is for 31 December... I hope Scan.co.uk not trolling us. If at 17th november Scan says for further delay for 31 december, then i will be crazy for sure.
  8. Thanks man for the support and contribution. I hope reds dont take the same way. I am sure Browns tommorow gonna change to ''17 November''..... God may help us....
  9. :( .... Scan.co.uk today changed the status from '' item due today'' to ''item due 17 november''. I contact them and they told me the dealy is from corsair cause of firmware issues and delayed all keyboards. F******************k i was so close to get one of those bad boys... i am so sad now dunno what to do. And the ironic is i have allready sell my mechanical keyboard.....i am with membrane one now and i am ready to puke.
  10. I order this one and it seems like they will stock it tommorow http://www.scan.co.uk/products/corsair-gaming-cgk70-rgb-cherry-mx-blue-mechanical-gaming-keyboard
  11. I have order mine from scan.uk. It is preorder but according to them, they expecting blues at 9th october. I have allready contact then via e-mail and they confirm this. I ll post again when my order will despatch.
  12. Question. On k70 RGB, you can set different color to key letter and different color at ground? Just wonder.
  13. Logo? I dont give a damm about it. We will accustomed it. I want to change the colors and hear the click click click of my Blues
  14. Thanks a lot! Edit: I just order it from Scan uk. Blue Switches. I am from Greece so it will deliver with DPD. I will expect it at 15 october. I ll make a mini review when i get it
  15. Yes i khow. My friend has the K70 with red leds. I khow the difference cause i am waiting this keyboard since 1rst review at youtube. So there is no second edition? Edit: I sent them a e-mail and they just replyied back. It will availabe at 9th october Pretty soon!