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  1. Funny
    EL02 reacted to pythonmegapixel in Is it normal for PSU ttansformer to buzz on 220V ac?   
    Indeed I could. However, the information in question can be found even more easily by OP by simply looking at the label on their PSU, or if their setup means it's not easily visible, they can google it themselves.
    Guidance provided on this forum is from ordinary people in their free time, and often those ordinary people would prefer not to spend that time on a Google-hunt.
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    EL02 reacted to leadeater in M1 upgradable!   
    Why did they only do 16GB? If you're going through this much effort at least try 32GB
  3. Agree
    EL02 reacted to Arika S in M1 upgradable!   
    Do you work for LTT with that click-bait bullshit title?
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    EL02 reacted to Haro in cat thread   
    Garden kitten this time, his name is Coal or Charcoal, he's been living in our garden ever since he was born and slowly got used to humans around him, he slowly but surely started liking me and he's very sweet! 

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    EL02 reacted to RAM555789 in Does this PC have good value   
    What do you need water cooling for? If your not running a CPU that's gonna run really hot like one of the more extreme Intel CPUs or Threadripper water cooling just adds an expensive point of failure to the PC.
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    EL02 reacted to sub68 in Show off your latest purchase!   
    new pc who is this?

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    EL02 reacted to Den-Fi in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Recent purchase dump.

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    EL02 reacted to Moonzy in Show off your latest purchase!   
    it arrived right when im about to sleep

    first step to finally have enough storage, will buy another one next month or so for redundancy, then start adding capacity from there
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    EL02 reacted to Sport Driver in Show off your latest purchase!   
    It wasn't one purchase but many of them but now I have mostly everything to build my PC, well except time. And GPU, that I will be taking from current one until current gen prices fall.

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    EL02 reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in What gpu for ryzen 5 2400g   
    A rx480 or rx580 probably. Msaybe a 1070.
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    EL02 reacted to thepoorgamer in What gpu for ryzen 5 2400g   
    Anything faster then a 1030 and slower then a 2060(bottleneck above that). Good luck finding a gpu in stock.
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    EL02 reacted to davemc in What gpu for ryzen 5 2400g   
    Any midrange GPU you can get for a reasonable price in the shortage
  13. Agree
    EL02 reacted to Mark Kaine in worth biying a monitor way before buying a gpu?   
    Generally is not a good idea because at the point you get your graphics card the monitor might be outdated feature and resolution wise. 
    Basically if you don't need the monitor now then don't buy it. 
    If you think it's an improvement over your current monitor and you're actually going to use it instead of shelving it somewhere then why not...
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    EL02 reacted to Spotty in DuckDuckGo Calls Out Google Search for 'Spying' on Users After Privacy Labels Go Live   
    It works. It's easy to use. It's free. That's all most people care about.
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    EL02 reacted to Beerzerker in cat thread   
    Here's one of mine in a pic I took a few years ago, Ozz posing for the camera.


  16. Agree
    EL02 reacted to Ashley MLP Fangirl in Search from Brave?!   
    duckduckgo never returns proper results for me in dutch... so i'm stuck with google. 
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    EL02 got a reaction from blazesword2008 in How's your day?   
    pretty meh
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    EL02 reacted to Dundee in cat thread   
    Don’t have a cat, but oh boy this thread made my day better. I love cats
  19. Funny
    EL02 reacted to givingtnt in GALAX RTX 3090 HOF - Better than Kingpin?   
    What happens when you put it on one of those vertical mounts?
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    EL02 reacted to Levent in Gaming Performance Tested On 'Worn Out' RTX 2080 Ti Mining Card   
    And that alone invalidates that claim, not even worth clicking.
  21. Agree
    EL02 reacted to Aereldor in Phone with camera better than its class under 350$   
    To be honest, any modern smartphone camera looks great with the GCam APK installed. I'm using it with my G7 Power and it's amazing.
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    EL02 reacted to Dovaogedy in Overpaid on a pre-build PC yesterday, wanted to see what ya'll think   
    Update: after 4 days of sweating it out, best buy finally shipped my PC and its still set to be here Thursday
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    EL02 got a reaction from Gamer Schnitzel in If you can't beat em, join em. A retailer in Europe list 3060s for almost 2x the MSRP   
    More like: "Retailer maximizing their profits, because that's what businesses do. A retailer in Europe list 3060s for over 2x the MSRP"
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    EL02 got a reaction from HanZie82 in S10 slow after One UI 3.0 update   
    This ^ Modded apps Easy data transfer to pc If a restart doesn't help, i'm afraid your only choice is to factory reset.
  25. Funny
    EL02 reacted to Kavamale21 in S10 slow after One UI 3.0 update   
    only advice to never buy sammsung....