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  1. Funny
    EL02 reacted to givingtnt in GALAX RTX 3090 HOF - Better than Kingpin?   
    What happens when you put it on one of those vertical mounts?
  2. Agree
    EL02 reacted to Levent in Gaming Performance Tested On 'Worn Out' RTX 2080 Ti Mining Card   
    And that alone invalidates that claim, not even worth clicking.
  3. Agree
    EL02 reacted to Aereldor in Phone with camera better than its class under 350$   
    To be honest, any modern smartphone camera looks great with the GCam APK installed. I'm using it with my G7 Power and it's amazing.
  4. Like
    EL02 reacted to Dovaogedy in Overpaid on a pre-build PC yesterday, wanted to see what ya'll think   
    Update: after 4 days of sweating it out, best buy finally shipped my PC and its still set to be here Thursday
  5. Agree
    EL02 got a reaction from Gamer Schnitzel in If you can't beat em, join em. A retailer in Europe list 3060s for almost 2x the MSRP   
    More like: "Retailer maximizing their profits, because that's what businesses do. A retailer in Europe list 3060s for over 2x the MSRP"
  6. Like
    EL02 got a reaction from HanZie82 in S10 slow after One UI 3.0 update   
    This ^ Modded apps Easy data transfer to pc If a restart doesn't help, i'm afraid your only choice is to factory reset.
  7. Funny
    EL02 reacted to Kavamale21 in S10 slow after One UI 3.0 update   
    only advice to never buy sammsung....
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    EL02 reacted to Red :) in cat thread   
  9. Like
    EL02 got a reaction from panzersharkcat in Not you too! - Miners looking towards gaming laptops powered by NVIDIA's Ampere GPUs for Ethereum   
    I mean...it is a good investment, perfectly legal and somewhat acceptable.
  10. Like
    EL02 got a reaction from Red :) in cat thread   
    This fluffy cat i found at the bar.

  11. Funny
    EL02 reacted to Grabhanem in AMDisappointed   
    It's almost like there's some common factor causing GPUs to be hard to find and CPUs to be expensive to produce...
  12. Like
    EL02 reacted to Moonzy in Show off your latest purchase!   
    What GPU shortage?

  13. Like
    EL02 reacted to Volbet in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I got myself a new keyboard and some fans for my case.

    The wireless Dell keyboard in my home studio decided to conk out yesterday. It had 15 years of trusty service. Might give it a worthy viking funeral. 
    I decided to move my Ducky keyboard down there and buy something new for the office. Not gonna lie, the keyboard market is fucking confusing these days, so I just pulled the trigger on something that seemed to fit my criteria. Might switch the keyboards again, after I figure which one is the best one to type on. 
    I got the fans, as I'm really tired of the noise the ones in my case makes. Now I'll have all Noctua all the way around. 
    I also got some German litterature to keep myself occupied during our 11th month of lockdown:
    Also, I do realize my deskmat really needs to go in the washer. 
  14. Like
    EL02 reacted to vetali in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Got a 21 Honda Passport Elite with a bunch of accessories coming next week.
  15. Funny
    EL02 got a reaction from Wictorian in Which is Scarier? Aliens or No Aliens   
    lmaoo xd
  16. Agree
    EL02 reacted to wall03 in Jeff is no longer the king of the Amazon - Jeff Bezos steps down as CEO   
    im suprised
  17. Informative
    EL02 reacted to piratemonkey in Jeff is no longer the king of the Amazon - Jeff Bezos steps down as CEO   
     Jeff Bezos will no longer be the CEO of Amazon, stepping down to executive chair position later this year. Andy Jassy, head of the computing section of the company, will become the new CEO. The switch will happen during the third quarter of 2021.
    My thoughts
    I doubt Amazon will change much, but quite interesting nonetheless. I wonder how Andy will lead the company. Hopefully though Amazon won't get more creepy, given Jassy is the computing boss.
    Ps. I will update this if new information becomes available
  18. Agree
    EL02 reacted to Aereldor in 1600 af vs 3600   
    I don't know where people get this notion from... HIs total system draw power is well under 350... And that's actually a somewhat decent 450w. Nothing wrong with that
  19. Agree
    EL02 reacted to WikiForce in Wikipedia turns 20 years old and is planning a website redesign.   
    for the redesign, i have only one thing to say, don't fix it if it ain't broken.
    Also, current design is really good and very intuitive.
  20. Like
    EL02 reacted to bcredeur97 in Scalpers have sold over 50,000 RTX 30 Series GPUs online   
    wall st bets does a better job at holding the line than you gamers

  21. Agree
    EL02 reacted to dizmo in Scalpers have sold over 50,000 RTX 30 Series GPUs online   
    🤷 Guess there's 50,000 people happy with their purchase. It's a luxury item. It's not a necessity of life. Some can afford to spend like that of they really want something, most can't. 
    Just wait it out like a normal person. 
  22. Like
    EL02 reacted to TetraSky in Linus should stop his $GME "Investment"   
    NICE TRY, HEDGE FUND MANAGER! We're onto you!
  23. Agree
    EL02 reacted to TempestCatto in Linus should stop his $GME "Investment"   
    I'm not even gonna read what you wrote. It's his money that he earned by actually working. He can do whatever the fuck he wants with it.
    Just let the man be.
  24. Agree
    Ehm... 12 dollars for the Apple Watch? I think you messed up some numbers somewhere.
    The IHS analysis put the BOM of the cheapest Apple Watch at $81.20. That's without any R&D or software patent fees.
    A lot of companies has massive profit margins on their products, but the idea that an Apple Watch costs 12 dollars to make is bonkers.
    Here is the full list of components and estimated costs of each one for the first Apple Watch.

  25. Funny
    EL02 reacted to AlwaysFSX in What sets your system apart?   
    The spider inside. I don't know where it is, all I know is its existence.