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  1. If playing pinball is gaming then PC is definitely the first thing i played on
  2. Don't really see the use of the zooming thingy, widgets are awesome though
  3. My ICT Teacher: Today CPU's exist that run at up to 3 Ghz.
  4. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with the rest of the world!
  5. Hello I need to buy a fan for my radiator and everybody is recommending NF-F12 or SP120. A lot of people say they're great. But after some research I found out that some say they are loud and others even say they're inefficient. I'd really like to hear this from somebody who has them (preferably both). Thanks!
  6. Yeah II know the internet is full of it. And no I have an Asrock mobo.
  7. I disconnected all exept for the case lighting, used the jumper method between green and black, and the lighting (and off course the psu) both work. I reconnected everything and now it does boot but the psu makes a weird noise
  8. yes, the psu is on and I'll test the psu right now
  9. Hello everyone, so I just build my first pc and I wanted it to look good so I installed some LED lighting. To test the lighting I wanted to boot the system up and sure it did, I could see all the lights and the fans started runnig ( it wasn't connected to a monitor yet). I powered it down again and placed the system on a little table next to my desk where it is supposed to be and now it suddenly won't boot/light up anymore. Some help would be very much appreciated. I'm sorry if I just made a very rookie mistake. Thank you.
  10. msi gaming GTX660 great value!!! that's what i got.
  11. Maybe you could do some cable braiding or isn't there enough place to do so? Or do you like the way it looks now?
  12. It's not quite what you asked for but this looks almost as good. http://store.design4paragon.com/cable-clip.html
  13. Janssent11041


    That's just insane especially that rad tower is awesome! Has it ever been done before???
  14. My favourite aspect of the phone is the build quality but i also like Sense 6