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Everything posted by Janssent11041

  1. I'm the most tech savvy person i know. Even my IT teacher doesn't know shit...
  2. you nailed that blue, awesome build
  3. wow, all them giveaways these days
  4. this log is so friggin awesome can't wait to see the finished result.
  5. I would upgrade to X99 with my xmas money Finally no more cpu bottlenecks...
  6. shit man you've got some serious nerd cred going on. Jelly as fuck
  7. My name on the school server...
  8. wow man when you said you were gonna make it out of wood i wasn't expecting this. Really cool
  9. Thanks, I made it with some wood and a chisel And I need money. Also the monitor I'm using here only cost 20 euros. It's not bad (900p). Edit: didn't actually say thanks