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  1. Samsung SSDs are also very reliable so if you can get them for cheap you should go with them.
  2. So at the moment my system is equipped with a mighty 4 gigs of RAM... I would like to add 8 gigs of RAM to my system. Will there be any problems if I run a dual channel 4 gig kit together with an 8 gig dual channel kit? Thanks!
  3. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=WC-331-BP&groupid=701&catid=2331&subcat=795
  4. Nevermind actually, they're quite expensive...
  5. yeah man! Just like Torrodworld did in 800Dusty
  6. Cut a hole in it and cover it up with a radiator gard.
  7. Will my PC explode? :huh: I have that PSU...
  8. On the mobo it is used for the cpus integrated graphics (they suck). On your graphics card its used for your gpus graphics.
  9. heh Good luck with your 'debt' and your build I think you should go for the second option, looks cool AF!
  10. This seems like a really good system. Both cpus are very good choices, just depends on your budget really... Edit: Welcome to the forum by the way
  11. You can (if there's enough room) mount an L-bracket or two underneath the desk. And you can also just mount some kind of support (like a 2x4) against the wall to make sure the rear of the desk doesn't sag. If you go with these solutions the desk won't be moveable though.
  12. These questions are easy AF IMO...
  13. This will be cool, followed! Dat SSD... meh
  14. wow very pretty, can't wait to see more!