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  1. Hi I've seen some pretty cool rainmeter desktops on the 'post your wallpaper' topic, so I decided to download rainmeter. I'm now finding it really hard to find a simple, clean looking, modern etc 'skin'. I have looked on google and deviantart but a lot skins are just really immature and flashy. So if you're using a nice skin or know of one please post it below or tell me what it's called. Thanks
  2. I'm looking for a good bank for the buck portable battery charger. Around 20 euros. Thanks very much!
  3. I'd say only download usefull/very cool/reliable tweaks. My device actually had way to many tweaks and it's hard to see wich ones can be removed.
  4. Corsair PSUs are in general less reliable like seasonic for example.
  5. popular, not reliable... It's what's on the inside that matters, and for Corsairs PSUs that isn't good.
  6. My dads iPhone was stolen about a year ago. Today it was 'found' and he will be picking it up tomorrow. The problem is that he reported his phone stolen with the police and gave them the serial numbers and all those things. Will we now be able to use this phone again? Or will it be tracked as soon as it will be used again? My dad said something about this, and that it may be blocked. Thanks!
  7. Can't wait! Good luck I guess...
  8. I don't think you have to take the panel off actually...
  9. I see you tried to pull off that sticker. But it seems to be kinda failing. Anyways nice paintjob and good luck with the build
  10. 900p master race Thanks, unfortunately can't afford that. I do have plans for something just like that (in glorious 21:9) The thingies are just for esthetics. He's right...
  11. DO IT (the window thing that is...)
  12. I made some nice wooden speaker thingies and also bought a mechanical keyboard and oversized mousepad since the last time I posted my setup. Here you go... and yes, that is a playstation eye (pretty good quality)