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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
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    MSI B450M Mortar Titanium
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    16 GB Corsair Vengeance 3200 (White)
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    AMD Radeon RX570 8 GB (AsRock Phantom Gaming enclosure)
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    500 GB M.2 Corsair SSD, WD 2 TB 7200 rpm HDD
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    Apple MacBook Pro 16" (2019)

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  1. In a Kpop mood tonight. Sistar - Touch My Body
  2. I don't know how you convince someone of the legitimacy of trans people. For some it's such an upset to their worldview that they can't accept it. That's why they deny and can't stand the "misuse" of pronouns (in their mind). To them it's like trying to say west is east and black is white. I think the most you could do is introduce them. It seems like most homophobic people I've known who changed their opinion did so because they got to know homosexuals on a personal level. Abstract arguments about it don't seem to cut it. It's the human side that changes them.
  3. FG can still be good for laughs, but you kind of have to ignore everything else (lazy plots, terrible characters) for it to be watchable. It's kind of amazing how different the first three seasons are from the rest of the show. It's like modern Family Guy is better watched in selected clips on YouTube. I watch the new Simpsons episodes, but they're usually pretty forgettable. That Elon Musk episode almost made me give up on the show. Lol
  4. The last time I went to the Fry's in Roseville (before the pandemic) it was mostly empty shelves. They said that Fry's was switching to the consignment model, but it didn't bode well. A couple Fry's stores had already shut down in the Bay Area (which lost its only Micro Center a few years prior). Some of the parts in my current build were purchased at Fry's. I'll miss it even though it wasn't great at the end there.
  5. I love cold weather and I want more of it. I want more rain too. I want wet, cold weather here in California, way more than we usually get. Sunshine and warm temperatures this time of year puts me down. Anyone complaining about the rain where they live can send some rain my way.
  6. I'm pretty sure I ate it when I was a kid, but it was long enough ago that I can't really remember. I can't imagine eating it now.
  7. What do you guys recommend for a setup if I want both speakers and a desktop DAC/amp? I know that some headphone amps have preamp out--I'm assuming I could then hook RCA from that to powered speakers? And the sound would come out of both, so I could just switch on the speakers when I wanted speaker out instead of headphone out. Any specific DAC/amps to recommend? It doesn't have to be an all-in-one; I'm fine with two units.
  8. I think vegetarians/vegans can be like many recent converts to religion; they've found the answer, their eyes have been opened, their life has improved and they can't understand why others don't live/believe/eat as they do. It's only natural to want to spread the word, but if you come off as self-righteous, heavy-handed, and judgmental, few will listen.
  9. I should do this. I keep getting notifications about my "114 compromised passwords" on Chrome. Mainly because I have one password for almost everything...
  10. iFi Hip DAC. Needed a good portable DAC/headphone amp and this one's been great so far:
  11. I admit I like BTS but I'd rather hear them sing in Korean than in heavily-accented English. And when these bands get popular, that's what they start doing more of.
  12. I just use the Creative Pebble USB speakers. I'm looking to upgrade to something by Audioengine. I really only use speakers during games or for watching YouTube videos, so it might be overkill. I'm primarily a headphones-user when it comes to music.
  13. In light of yesterday, I'd rather watch baseball than football. I've been to live games that were fun, but the sport itself just doesn't interest me. Well, they are. That doesn't mean they're not good. The overrating started early too. I think it was Wagner who said that after Beethoven, no one should ever attempt to write a symphony again. But he was an opera composer; what did he know?
  14. It’s kind of telling that I’m seeing a bunch of stories about Twitter banning Chinese and Iranian government accounts...which obviously should’ve been done a long time ago but it’s being done now because the spotlight is on Twitter to be “consistent”.
  15. It's hard to comment on this since it's just an allegation right now, but if true, it's pretty damning. How could they possibly find no reason to remove a video of minors engaged in sex acts? It'll be interesting to hear their response to this. I'd personally be fine if Twitter disappeared entirely forever. But that's just me.