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  1. This AOC seems to be the chosen.
  2. Changed! I only can find the 1440p version in Spain ?
  3. No, in euros. I used dollars because most of the times they do a 1$=1€, so, it's almost the same.
  4. I'm looking for a 144hz/165hz monitor for around 200€, but I have no idea of displays, I was looking for a Zowie, but, I don't know if there is better options for this price. I want the monitor mainly for shooters.
  5. I'll NEVER bought a reference AMD card, but, my 2070S is the FE haha. The Borderlands 3 benchmark: BenchmarkResults 2019-10-09_19-34-03 - FramesPerSecondAvg: 65.25 - FrameTimeMsAvg: 15.33 All in Ultra, windowed fullscreen with a 3700X.
  6. Of the RTX? I dont know, I just know that activate it will become in less perfomance, 5fps? 10? 15? I dont know, but less sure.
  7. That's why for me, the RTX is something that I'll never switch on, I don't want perfomance drop for a bit of brigthy brighty.
  8. Until now I only played Borderlands 3, which I consider that have a bad perfomance, it drops to 50fps (it doesn't go further) easily in stress situation (continuosly while playing with friends xDDDD), but, as I said, for me the game perfomance is bad. However it mostly goes at 60fps. I can also play later MHW if you want to see how the card runs in some hunts, anyway I'm gonna pass the benchmark of BL3 capped at 75fps and unlimited, I'll post the results later.
  9. 2070S is sightly faster but you have to see it the difference of price/perfomance is worth. I was in the same situation than you, 2560x1080, 5700XT/2070S, and I was about to buy the 5700XT but here it is selling at 500€ while 2070S is selling at 540€, so finally I bought the 2070S. Both cards will run fine, for example in Gears 5 both have the same perfomance, in Battlefield V is better the 5700XT and in Destiny is better the 2070S, so, I think that it mostly will depend of the prices of both cards.
  10. I recently bought a Whisper M 650W and I can't be more happy with it.
  11. They're diferent games, for me, Borderlands 3 is the one to go, I've been playing it since it release and it's a great game, its better in every way than his predecessors. I only could give a bad word on it and it's because his mayhem system. And it's perfomance haha.
  12. You have to find the sens where you are comfy, a sens which adaptsto your playstyle. For example I am a "wrist player" so I have usually higher sens that my friends or professional players, they used to be more of use a lower sens and move the arm using all the mousepad. Like Onehandstand says, lower it and increment until you feel comfortable.