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  1. Ok, well I plan to upgrade cpu down the road here and I had less than 3000 before. Got a great deal on it too and looks good in the case. Thx for the help.
  2. Yeah that’s what I saw, but why the error
  3. Just bought a fancy set of 16gb 3600 trident z royal and went to up the clock speed to the right amount. But when I went to boot after a quick trip to the bios I was left with an error screen and my memory being sent back to 2133. I looked it up and I saw a bunch about DOCP which I have but also xmp which just doesn’t show up for some reason im running an asus b450-f gaming with trident z Royal 3600 16gb ram. am I missing something or did I waste my money on an upgrade
  4. yeah i pay for a server rn so that was something i was thinking about. ill probably throw it on ebay and see what happpens. i can probably get the higher end of it because it looks brand new.
  5. i already have a decent setup but i could probably gift it if someone wanted somethjing to play on
  6. i answered under another post but tldr im not super sure
  7. cool ill probobaly keep it and if i dont find a good use for it ill throw it on ebay and if i get nothing then ill se what i can do with.
  8. got it 5 minutes ago and im not sure what the company did with it before giving it away. looked at site and says its a xeon e5-2400 product family or xeon e5-1410. site was pretty vaugue about ram
  9. So im pretty young and have been messing with pcs and such for about a year. Today my dad came home with a server pc that was given to him from work and it looks very well kept and almost new. Its a dell poweredge t320. does anybody have any insight on weather i could get good money from selling it (for personal rig upgrade) or if i could start building a home server for fun. I litterally have no idea what to do with this thing and throwing it on a forum felt like a good idea.
  10. Ashton216


    One day quarantined upgrade layover = a million years normal upgrade layover.
  11. Yeah I remember when Ltt first did the video on it at launch that was the biggest issue but seeing as it had been a bit since launch and also seeing the smaller markups for really nice name brand stuff I’m thinking I’m probably going to get the cheaper option.
  12. Im currently looking to upgrade my graphics card but am stuck between The 5700xt and the 2070 super. im leaning more towards the 2070 super but i am going back and forth when i see the raw performance isnt too far apart and the price is pretty major. What other thing might warrent me spending more money on the 2070 super that im not smart enough to know about and tell me if there is anything else i should upgrade instead. Current specs ryzen 7 2700x 1070ti moniter that is free sync but gsync compatible 500gb ssd, 2tb hard drive 16 gb ram
  13. After looking at a tutorial on YouTube, I was told that if you set a target clock speed, but keep the voltage on auto it will adjust fairly well on my mobo. I tried it and it seems to be working now, thanks.