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  1. I was worried because I thought anything that makes an electrical current flow could be damage if it's not disconnected properly
  2. As the title says, I removed 2 pin connector of my IEM after noticing that I connected left side to right iem and right to left. I removed 2 pin connector of my IEM without noticing they were still connected to my laptop. I'm afraid that I might've damaged them because they were connected to a power source (Laptop 3.5mm jack) My IEM is TRN BA5
  3. I just experienced BSOD (blue screen of death) while running league. League client had widespread issue of users not being able to login yesterday but they fixed that issue after a hour or 2. That same issue happened to me today and after restarting client multiple times it later caused bsod. After restarting my PC, both league client fixed itself and I never got BSOD while running league. Should i be worried? What caused BSOD? This is what bluescreenviewer says MiniDMP.zip Edit- Here's Kernel dump as well
  4. Sorry for late reply! I'm upgrading my current monitor is because I've been getting strange horizontal bars on my current monitor
  5. I'm currently really confused which monitor should I go with. I've been using 27 inch 1080p for like a year and half now and 81PPI doesn't bother me at all, I never seen any visible pixels unless I get extremely close to my monitor and getting 24 inch monitor feels like a downgrade to me. The reason why i'm confused is because many people say 1080p on 27 inch monitor looks ugly but since I never experienced 27 inch 1440p myself I can't tell any difference and why i'm hesitating into getting 27 inch 1440p is because not every game can run at above 60FPS on max settings at that resolution yet an
  6. These horizontal bar appear when I enable Freesync ultimate in monitor OSD and Adaptive sync in Nvidia Control Panel or when there's a voltage fluctuation. Case-1 I always get horizontal bar when I boot my PC or switch back and forth from desktop to a full screen application whenever Freesync Ultimate and Adaptive sync are running. These bar also appear when there's voltage fluctuation Case-2 When Freesync and adaptive sync are disabled I don't get horizontal bar when booting my PC or switching to fullscreen application but I get those horizontal bars when the
  7. This is the IP its assigned to. So what should I do for SQM to work on this?
  8. I can't see what IP address they are getting since I disabled DHCP. My laptop is visible when I connect to first router But it isn't when I connect to second router It only happens with devices which are connected through WIFI. Devices which are connected via ethernet are visible. The router I'm currently using is Tenda N301 which is extremely cheap. Edgerouter X is on its way that's why i'm trying to figure out how to make every devices which are connected to these 2 routers visible. [EDIT]- uploaded wrong image.
  9. I was able to view devices which are connected to my second router through ethernet after changing LAN settings and disabling DHCP. by following this tutorial- But here's the issue. The IP of devices which are connected to second router aren't showing at all. Only devices which are connected via ethernet are showing. What should I do for WIFI connected devices to be visible so SQM QoS could do it's job whenever someone is watching or downloading something?
  10. Thanks for the help! So from what I understand all I need is to get Edgerouter and make my existing routers as AP since all I need this router is so everyone in our netweok could get less ping spikes and nothing else.
  11. Someone told me for SQM to work I need AP that supports IEEE P802.1p in LTT Discord server. I hope it's not true and also sadly airCube isn't available in my country. I hope my existing router work with SQM QoS
  12. Whenever someone is downloading something or watching YouTube everyone ping over the network gets huge spikes and extremely low bandwidth. It's because of how cheap my home network has been setup. There are 2 routers, first one on ground and second one at the first floor. Ground floor router act as wireless access point and also the router where my PC is connected via ethernet and the first floor router is connected to fiber internet. The router we are using is Tenda N301 which is really cheap. To prevent ping spike and bandwidth issue I'm thinking about getting Ubiquit
  13. Here's the picture of ethernet port condition
  14. It seems to be working. If it was damaged will there be no network in Ethernet or the data transfer speed and ping will be reduce slightly?
  15. Yes it's working, but if the port was damaged will it cause slower speed or ping or will there be no network in Ethernet at all?
  16. Guys how easy is it to break Ethernet port? Today 3 guys came to setup home network and were struggling to put Ethernet in my PC, I think its probably because of how hard it is to reach my PC IO panel. After many failed attempts I saw how frustrated he became since it's his job to do these kind of thing and he even refused my help. After many attempts he then started adding a lot force, the other guy noticed and connected the cable himself and then started laughing at him later because of his stupidity. I'm worried that because of his stupidity he might've caused some d
  17. I seriously hope its my monitor and not my 2080 gpu. The monitor is under warranty but I think I'll just buy Gsync monitor and sell my current one, I don't want this nightmare to repeat.
  18. After multiple hours of troubleshooting I'm finally able to find what was causing random horizontal static screen bar and sometimes GPU artifacts to appear when running fullscreen applications. I had to restart my entire PC even after disabling Gsync in nvidia control panel and disabling Freesync ultimate engine in my monitor for these settings to actually get disabled. Why are these artifacts appearing now after 4 months of usage though? Can anyone help me? Did running Gsync on Freesync monitor damaged my GPU? Here are the pictures of artifacts-
  19. [MISSCLICK] I wish there was a way to delete post
  20. I haven't stress tested yet but ran multiple benchmarks yesterday just to see if my GPU performance was dropped and while running those I saw no artifact appearing. It seems like artifact only appear when my monitor get any new data from GPU to output i.e when my PC first boots or when I switch from desktop to fullscreen application
  21. yes it only happens when I use DP. I've been using this DP cable for around 4-5 months but only now I've been having artifact issues and this cable is even VESA certified. The model name is- Accell B142C-007B-2 Without any other cable or monitor to test on it's extremely hard to pin point what is causing this problem
  22. What if its not the GPU but the monitor port or cable itself though? There seems to be no GPU artifact when I use HDMI. But if nothing fix this issue i'll do as you said