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    Hold-Ma-Beer got a reaction from AbydosOne in Just need quick help   
    Thank you
    @gabrielcarvfer @AbydosOne @SGT-AMD @sub68 @airborne spoon
    Was fun conversing 😄
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    Hold-Ma-Beer got a reaction from FakeKGB in Just need quick help   
    Thank you
    @gabrielcarvfer @AbydosOne @SGT-AMD @sub68 @airborne spoon
    Was fun conversing 😄
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    Hold-Ma-Beer got a reaction from sub68 in Just need quick help   
    Thank you
    @gabrielcarvfer @AbydosOne @SGT-AMD @sub68 @airborne spoon
    Was fun conversing 😄
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to SGT-AMD in Just need quick help   
    Lots have changed in 20 years. It is amazing how they design the cabinets to push the audio out, like Bose does.
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to airborne spoon in Just need quick help   
    My question is why do you only have a 6 amp outlet? Household outlets are wired up to a minimum of a 15 amp breaker meaning you can pull up to 12 amps constant off it.
    but don't look at your speaker when you want to know how much power it has look at the amp its hooked up to. And based on the size you describe it prob only has like a 50 watt amp. On the back of the thing it should have all the pertinent info like max power draw. unless it has a wall wort or power brick then look on there. but for something with a 6 inch'ish speaker it wont draw much juice.
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to sub68 in Just need quick help   
    *buys ex stage sub*
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    Hold-Ma-Beer got a reaction from DoctorNick in ThinkPad doesn't post after repaste   
    @oali24 Did it have thermal paste from factory or thermal pad? 
    I tried to replace thermal pads on the cpu in my laptop with thermal paste and it was stuck in a bootloop. Found out that the pressure plate was touching some point on the mobo...
    If your laptop came with thermal paste from the factory, look that you're not applying too much pressure on the CPU (the heatsink that bolts over the cpu)
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to manikyath in Why do CPU fans start to spin at full speed while doing a bios update?   
    i assume that during an update, the system is put to a state of absolute bare essentials. similar as it is during the first stage of booting:
    - cpu locked at base clock
    - all fans at 100% (because that's the safest default state)
    - only outputting to a single display connector
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to HanZie82 in Why do CPU fans start to spin at full speed while doing a bios update?   
    When updating the BIOS it cannot controll the FAN speeds. So it reverts back to a safe default, which is fullspeed. (altho in reality its more like 85-90%)
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to Mister Woof in Why do CPU fans start to spin at full speed while doing a bios update?   
    Probably goes into potato mode and instead of pwm mode they just run basic on/off
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to mariushm in Help With Cpus   
    Amazon has 3900x for 484$  ... but 3700x is probably a better deal at 329$  ... put the $200 in the budget for a more powerful video card.
    Link for 3700x : https://www.amazon.com/AMD-Ryzen-3700X-16-Thread-Processor/dp/B07SXMZLPK/
    Also, I'd suggest staying at 144-160Hz and buying a quality IPS monitor, instead of crappier color accuracy of TN panels for the sake of 240 Hz refresh rate.  From 144 Hz and up, the improvements are much less noticeable. 
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to Harshvardhan in Can't get Forza Horizon 4 to work on pc   
    Looks like a driver issue to me. 
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to SupaKomputa in Can't get Forza Horizon 4 to work on pc   
    search for "event viewer", examine Windows Logs > Application for warning or errors.
    or try the System log.

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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to Eddo89 in Realistically, which GPU do I really need?   
    Availability is fine in my country, can find a 3070 in my country.
    Budget is not in USD or Euro and prices be gonna be a little weird trying to convert it and then consider the difference in pricing. There is not a "hard" limit on my budget, maybe not 3090 price. I just want something that is all I need and not waste my money on more GPU than I need anyway. It just means I can throw more money on upgrades elsewhere. 
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to xg32 in At a loss with system crashes, is this a defective GPU (3080)?   
    do you have a better power supply you can try? i would not use a rm750 for a 3080, even more so when paired with a 10900k.Not saying it's definitely the problem, but very likely. The load spikes with a 10900k+3080 is quite insane
    You can try downclocking your cpu to something like 1.1v 4.0ghz just to lower the power draw of the cpu, then max out the gpu and see if it still crashes (it still might), but if it doesn't then it's the psu.
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to Kilju669 in [Windows 10] Random sound plays every 5 minutes   
    OH MY GOD! I literally made this account just so i could thank you,THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU SAVED MY PC!! i had the same problem and now finally i know what causes it!! 
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to unclewebb in GIGABYTE B460M Aorus Pro with i9-10900k   
    The Gigabyte website shows that this motherboard was designed to handle the Core i9-10900K.
    You will not be able to overclock with this chipset but the CPU will have no problem running at its default specs.
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to SquiddyButler in Can I put my pc on cardboard   
    No, I was going to put the cardboard on the carpet so dust and stuff doesn't get in the case because I heard that carpet was bad for it. Not using a case is a dumb idea lmao
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    Hold-Ma-Beer got a reaction from Slayerking92 in Error (0x800f0922) when updating windows plus messed up partitions!   
    I just bought a SSD and did a clean install of Windows on it. After that, I tried deleting the windows partition on my HDD and this happened..

    I allocated 100GB to windows and remaining to softwares, but while trying to update windows, it gives me error (0x800f0922) saying "We could not apply the updates. Undoing changes"
    Have I messed up somewhere because a possible reason for this error is not having enough space in reserved partition (As per google search)
    Pls help 😢
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to Archer42 in Transferring Windows to a new SSD and more. Help!   
    Why? What's the advantage of doing so?
    Main reason not to do it is space - you need to keep some free space on each partition for stuff to work, so the more partitions you have the more space is just "wasted" this way. Also you will, almost certainly, run into situation when one partition is full while another one has a bunch of space at some point, which would be annoying.
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to BrokenGodOfSleep in RAM OC   
    my r5 5600x also runs with 3600mhz. I needed to update my bios tho. before the bios upate i couldnt run 3600mhz either. MSI X570 unify is my board. Asus should have the latest bios update too.
    Also linus himself often builds ryzen with faster ram i think. There was also a video from gamer nexus about ryzen 5000. the video is about faster ram for ryzen 5000.

    It should work
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    Hold-Ma-Beer got a reaction from cottechguy in Overheating laptop cpu, looking to revive   
    Artic MX4. Personally used in my build and a Sony VAIO VPCEG28FN with i5 2430M and Geforce 410M. Very satisfied with the performance of this thermal paste 🙂
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to Digideath in Overheating laptop cpu, looking to revive   
    Arctic mx4. I swear by the stuff. I use it in loads of builds. There's probably better out there but arctic does the job.
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to Bayron in The big showdown: Oneplus 8 or 8t?(need opinions)   
    Got 8t 😅
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    Hold-Ma-Beer reacted to Radium_Angel in CPU idle temperature   
    Something is chewing on your CPU, perhaps it's Win10 in the background downloading updates, or something like that? Win10 does a lot of suspect stuff...