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  1. I couldn't find the name of the Ransomware. The text file contains this: All your files are Encrypted! For data recovery needs decryptor. How to buy decryptor: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 1. Download Tor browser - https://www.torproject.org/ and install it. | 2. Open link in TOR browser - http://decrmbgpvh6kvmti.onion/ | 3. Follow the instructions on this page ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note! This link
  2. Hey guys, my laptop got infected with ransomware and every file in it got encrypted and a (.DOCM) extension added. I tried to delete the extension to some files, some of them opened perfectly and another didn't and got damaged. Also, every folder has a text file named (Restore-My-Files), it contains instructions to open a link in tor browser and follow the instructions. According to what I read on the internet it will ask me to pay money in Bitcoin. Is there any way to fix this issue and remove the virus? and if not and I had to format the whole laptop can I transfer the important data to USB