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  1. Hey, I'm looking for a gaming laptop. My budget is probably sub 5100 AUD. I would prefer it to be portable but still powerful.
  2. Oh, I just assumed any device capable of aura sync could function with iCUE
  3. With my new GPU, I received a free GPU anti-sag bracket, the deepcool GH-01 which has AURA Sync capabilities. I set it up correctly and the lighting works with Armory Crate, however I can't seem to set it up in iCUE with my other Asus and Corsair components who synchronize with no issue. If anyone can be of assistance that would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Just wondering what M.2 SSD to buy? The only one I have in mind is the samsung 970 evo plus. But freely recommend anything else
  5. yea bro this is ridiculous. I probably won't be able to return it since I just returned a headset so....
  6. I had the astro a40s prior and they were phenomenal. The microphone was actually pretty decent and didn't pick up any background noise. So yes while I understand headset mics are average most of the time, mine just doesn't sound right.
  7. I recently just purchased this headset for 600 AUD. However, the microphone is picking up even the slightest noise, especially from my peripherals. For a headset this ridiculously priced, the microphone quality is unacceptable. Is there an easy fix or am I stuck with it?
  8. Usually at 500 dpi in most fps
  9. How's the Razer Viper Ultimate?
  10. Looking to replace my current mouse. Price is not a concern. Cheers
  11. Already have a 4TB HDD but i'm like might as well fill my other m.2 slot.
  12. Currently have a 1TB 970 PLUS and need a bit more storage for games. Which one would you recommend?
  13. Which one do you think? I will probably be using the mic for the time being fyi