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  1. So i have a SFF PC (HP Compaq dc7800p to be exact) that has been with me forever, and i have a mid tower case that was lying around for some time for my future plans. the real question is, can i fit that SFF motherboard in my mid tower case? i don't know it's exact size/form. i'm aware that i will have to get a whole new PSU for such thing, it's ok though. the case is the XPG Invader which i know that it has the ability to support many mobo forms. i also wanna know if i need more stuff like connectors, adapters, converters, and so on.i just need that to happen for more airflow. Tha
  2. well i had 2GBs originally, but i don't think that's the cause bc none of these games even worked before the upgrade, i didn't even get them in the first place. also it's the same with minecraft, i was actually able to change the RAM value on text, but still, nothing practically happened, weird isn't?
  3. thank u everybody for being so wonderful! i wouldn't have known what to do! truly appreciate it.
  4. So I gave my pretty old SFF PC a small upgrade, i added an actual GPU, an additional HDD, and 2 more RAM sticks. so I'm up to 4GBs of RAM currently (yes, the pc is that old). but what i find pretty annoying is the fact that whenever I run a game, it only uses so little RAM, i really mean it. i was running Far Cry 3 (which requires at least 4GBs of RAM as a minimum requirement), and the game just consumes about 500MBs of RAM, it's really weird, i feel like i could squeeze some more frames from my RAM. same situation with Tomb Raider, the game just consumes about 300 to 500 MBs of RAM for s
  5. well actually i considered that, it wouldn't take much time really and it would help a little with the whole temp thing. i heard that toothpaste is a great alternative solution to thermal paste, is it tho?
  6. so, i gave my SFF PC a little bit of an upgrade. That update included a pretty old GPU, it was an AMD Radeon HD 8490 1GB low profile, it works somewhat well i guess, it gave me just the little push that i actually needed long ago, however, after a long time of searching, i can't seem to find any info about the maximum temp on this GPU whatsoever, i kept looking everywhere, but i had no luck. all i saw was max temps for other similar AMD GPUs that were almost as old as the one i got. by the way, i'm running Far Cry 3 at (74C~) or so, Tomb Raider was running at (76C~). so i had to know if that's
  7. seems like that. maybe i shouldn't be too surprised, i had this monitor for too long.
  8. Hello everyone, for the last couple of days, my monitor seemed to have some problems. A while ago, when i was trying to start my computer, the monitor had the power indicator on, but there was no backlight, i waited for a sec, then everything was fine. but it happened again, this time, i tried to start my pc, but all i see is this (https://ibb.co/f4JrJtM). it doesn't work at all, and there's very very unnoticeable flickering sometimes. i'm sure it's not the cables, and i'm not ready to buy a new monitor these days, not even a cheap one. i hope that anyone would be able to help me, would really
  9. Sorry, English isn't my main Language, Besides, I'm using a kinda mushy feeling Keyboard that Sucks at typing that made me hate going back and delete Words and Re-type it capitalized, this sucks A lot. anyway thanks for the facts
  10. It's quite Hard to even find any Good Ryzen Laptop...even if there is...they kinda Suck...Also finding a one that contains the New 3rd Gen is kinda..Impossible..since those laptops only use Old Generation CPUs..
  11. Short Answer : No. ... Long Answer : Absolutely Not....Seriously Don't...Sometimes Buying Expensive Smartwatches can be Bad,,for Example, Apple Uses "Trash Sapphire Screen" as some people call it...basically they keep advertising that their products have Sapphire Screens/Camera Lenses..but that "Sapphire" that they use are completely trash, they are literally as durable as Normal Tempered Glass...So you Decided to Buy A Cheaper One? then Hold up..Amazfit Bip is a well priced Smart Watch, But..people in the Reviews were talking about how in a Small Amount of time *for example 2 months
  12. MSI GL73 9SDK-219 17-Inch / HP Omen 15-dc1040nr...those should be good....also, if you want to save more cash for Buying Gear Then get this one : Acer Predator Helios 300 ... if you chose the Acer you will be able to get your gaming gear for 500$...which is more than enough..even if you chose the Acer, you might even save even more cash even after buying the gear..
  13. Yeah..actually with that amount of money i could just get a budget headphone called Nubwo N7 or Nubwo N12
  14. But are you sure that they are compatible with the Miniso Headphones?