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  1. I've trying switching where I plug my pc(other plugs in the house), and it still goes down. Idk... I'll just keep trying things. I'll update you if I find any solution
  2. Woulndt everything go down at the sime time if that was the case? My monitor, lamps, and everything else plugged in my room doesnt go down when the pc does
  3. Lol, annnnnd it just went down with a new 5x extension plug. What the hell man.. how is this the computer if, for example, the PS4 also goes down? I mean, its super weird. I have no problem in buying a new PSU, but it just makes no sense...
  4. Alright, so, I got frustrated with this situation, plugged in my playstation to relax a bit. Lo and behold, it keeps going into rest mode... Oh my god, the problem was the place where you plug all the power cables (not sure about the name in english). MAN I FEEL DUMB! Still, Thank you so much for your help guys!
  5. I will try that (unplugging the gpu). Is there a test or any way I can test if the problem is the mobo?
  6. Well, I can confirm that turning off XMP did absolutly nothing for my problem. Guess I have to switch my PSU and hope that's the cause of the problem
  7. Alright. I'm running auto atm, it's a waiting game now, since lately sometimes it only goes down once every couple days or once/twice a day depending on what i'm doing. Thank you!
  8. Just making sure here, cuz I'm a bit a newbie. It was set to XMP and I set it to auto. Is this right or should I have set it to manual?
  9. Alright, I will do that. If that doesn't solve it, I'll buy a new PSU and see what happens. Thank you for the advice!
  10. I'm using XMP on my RAM but it's the auto one. CPU and GPU are stock since the last time I tried to OC mu cpu I couldn't find a sweet spot for the voltage or Mhz so it kept crashing (This was a long time ago) About the wattage output, the PSU must be really going bad, because my system is not that demanding for a 750W PSU (Corsair RM750i). I got a 6700k, a GTX 970 and 16GB 2400mhz RAM.
  11. Isn't there any other way? What about that whole psu voltage chart, could I test all those option to see if any voltage is lacking?
  12. I measured it with a digital multimeter. It's supposed to output 12V, right?
  13. That was my first option, but I measured the output voltage and it was correct, even when it crashed, there was no drop on the voltage (well, it obviously went down and then back up, what I mean is that it didn't start dropping before the pc crashed) If I make sense.
  14. Hi! Hope you all are doing good in these crazy times! So, my computer has been doing this thing for the last 2 weeks...it crashes without any blue screen or error message and it restarts by itself. It seems like it doesn't really matter what I'm doing, it crashes whenever it feels like doing so, although most times it crashes, I'm doing something a little bit heavier. Sometimes when it does crash, as soon as it starts powering up again, it goes down before even reaching the homescreen, and then again. If I don't power off the PC, the loop doesn't end. I've checked the temps of boar