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The 2009 MacBook gamer

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About The 2009 MacBook gamer

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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • GPU
    rx 570 that sounds like it has jets for fans
  • Case
    crappy desk pc
  • Storage
    old apple time capsule hdd
  • PSU
    my house burnt down yesterday caus of my PSU
  • Display(s)
    a tube tv I found in my grandparent's basement
  • Cooling
    a frozen block of thermal paste
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT
  • Mouse
    old dell mouse that I found at a thrift store
  • Sound
    floppy drive
  • Operating System
    windows 2
  • Laptop
    got none
  • Phone
    a brick

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  1. srry OS: Use to be on windows 10 but it ran to slow, now on Manjaro Linux.
  2. Hi, ever since i built my PC last year it will randomly crash, if you manage to launch a game without it crashing you will get 20fps with large frame drops even on lowest settings. At first I thought it could be the SSD so i booted of my external hdd but still had the same problems. Now only one out of my 2 monitors display, the main one will show the post screen and anything low-resolution but after that it will default to my second monitor and will not be detected by any operating systems. Problem Summary: Very high disk latency in task manager, Random Crashes, onl
  3. hi, I want to hackintosh my pc with Catalina, but i only have access to the windows pc i will be hackintoshing on. how do i create a bootable hackintosh Catalina usb with windows? i have already downloaded the catalina file, but it is not a dmg. i have a picture of the Catalina file contents.
  4. 480p playback and i can't even scrub without is freezing for a second
  5. i just can not figure out why it runs so prly on defalt settings, 720p, i have new drivers installed
  6. very very slow ram on ryzen, i can not even play back in the editor
  7. rx 570 ryzen 3 1200 but my 8 gb ram is the cheapest on amazon and it slows down my whole pc