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    F.E.A.R. reacted to FakeKGB in Sapphire RADEON HD 7770 1GB problem!   
    Get it!
    It's hard to find basically any used card for not MSRP or higher.
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    F.E.A.R. reacted to RejZoR in AMD RX 6800XT AIB synthetic benchmarks: Pure rasterized faster than RTX 3080, RT on par with RTX 2080 Ti   
    No. Until DLSS works in ALL games it's not fair to compare. With per game comparison, sure, but you can't then generally say GeForce is generally faster by X percent based on DLSS scores.
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    F.E.A.R. reacted to FaxedForward in AMD RX 6800XT AIB synthetic benchmarks: Pure rasterized faster than RTX 3080, RT on par with RTX 2080 Ti   
    I personally disagree. DLSS' biggest limitation is that it's not universally supported and Papa Nvidia has to bless your game with AI training to enable it. It's not like an API where the developers can just choose to incorporate it at will. There are less than 20 games that currently support it and only about 25 more with future support announced.
    I think it would be fair if it was universally available, but Nvidia gets to cherry pick the titles it supports with AI training. So to compare only DLSS-enabled titles and say the 3080 is the best card because it's faster in ~50 out of thousands of PC titles is kind of silly. Pure raster vs pure raster is an objective standard.
    This is the same thing we saw with S3 and the MeTaL API 20 years ago, it blew the doors off 3dfx/ATi/Nvidia in the small number of titles where it was supported but was objectively inferior elsewhere. Times have changed in a lot of ways but back then consistent performance with no tricks ultimately won out.
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    F.E.A.R. reacted to manikyath in Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU Rumors: Core-i9 chips can turbo all the way up to 5.4-5.5 GHz | Engineering Samples already reaching 5.3GHz   
    accurate depiction of how they got 5.5GHz out of 14nm, and the thermals to expect.
    also explains the name:

    also, something something 2kw chiller to acutally match the claims?
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    F.E.A.R. reacted to Mark Kaine in Three times the charm - New AMD CPU announcement + big Navi Teaser   
    OT: didn't people just tell me last year 3600 is all I'd ever need and now I'm supposed to fork out again, and probably next year too!?
    (I'm pretty happy with my CPU btw and no plans to replacing it but that's pretty ridiculous anyways, just because they keep churning out new CPUs every year doesn't mean you actually have to buy them..  give me a break lol)
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    F.E.A.R. reacted to BuckGup in Three times the charm - New AMD CPU announcement + big Navi Teaser   
    Maybe they skipped the 4000 series because it was so powerful it's already a whole generation ahead 
    I'm going to get the highest end chip and Old Yeller my 6800K 
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    F.E.A.R. reacted to williamcll in Three times the charm - New AMD CPU announcement + big Navi Teaser   
    Chips available November 5th, RX 6950X details on October 28th.
    Source: https://www.amd.com/en/events/gaming-2020
    Thoughts: I will probably buy this chip as long as a new motherboard once the scalping ends. Hopefully it won't be as bad as what is going on with the 3000 series. What will you expect from this chip? Obviously I would wait for the reviews first before I make decision. Other than that, considering the performance of the 6950XT(?) is still somewhat slower in comparison to the 3080 (other than Borderlands 3), I wonder how well will AMD price it?
  8. Informative
    F.E.A.R. reacted to tarfeef101 in Nvidida RTX 3080 Canada AIB Pricing Leaked   
    Canada Computers has pre-order listing up already. While, like most retailers, they have obfuscated pricing directly, they have still populated the items in their backend with pricing, and using some adjustments of the queries run by filters in URL parameters, we can determine pricing of cards on their site.
    My thoughts
    As can be seen from the above link, the Zotac Trinity and Asus Tuf are between $940 and $950. Changing the part of the URL where those values are can allow you to drill down further for a more specific number, or a different set of cards. This shows the two cheapest cards. In this case, we are showing the cheapest two models, which thankfully seem very close to the U.S. MSRP with the exchange rate applied.
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    F.E.A.R. reacted to TVwazhere in 3080 benchmarks are in! Are they good?   
    They do every time. Hence why I tell people Wait for the goddamn benchmarks.
    Now people may or may not get appropriately hyped for these cards. 
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    F.E.A.R. reacted to Den-Fi in AMD Releases RDNA 2 Cooler Designs   
    [Radeon VII fin cutout flashbacks intensify]
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    F.E.A.R. reacted to Mateyyy in AMD Releases RDNA 2 Cooler Designs   
    It's fine I guess if you're into the whole gAmErY look, I just personally think the logo on the fans looks tacky, but it's not a big deal.
    THANK GOD it's not another blower style hair dryer abomination. If this isn't just for show and it actually performs well, then the reference cards would actually be a good choice for once, considering AMD tends to have quite good components on their reference PCBs.
  12. Informative
    F.E.A.R. reacted to yolosnail in AMD Releases RDNA 2 Cooler Designs   
    Jay of JayzTwoCents has shown a photograph in his latest video of the 'actual' card that he was sent by a 'source'. I kind of agree that it would have looked so much better without the red trim

    Not sure if this really counts as 'news' but AMD Radeon has just released a photograph on Twitter of the new RX 6000 series cooler design, you can supposedly view it on Fortnite, but I'm not a 9 year old so I'll just take their word on that

    My thoughts
    No doubt this is in order to take some attention away from the upcoming RTX 3000 launch since they have nothing to show for another few weeks yet.
    I must say, I do like the design, although still looks a bit too 'gamery' for me. I wish they'd kept the aesthetic of the Vega VII design, but logically it has to be infinitely better than the blower design they've used in the past. 
  13. Informative
    F.E.A.R. reacted to Energycore in RTX 3080 Embargo Lift Delayed til the 16th   
    Looks like reviews for the 3080 will be delayed til the 16th, according to this article from fudzilla.
    The source cites delays in the shipping process of review samples to certain outlets due to the ongoing COVID-16 [sic] pandemic.
    I'm kind of bummed about this. I really wanted reviews to hit so I could look at them, determine the card's place in the market and move on with my life. Unfortunately now we have to wait a bit longer and try to look for leaks, which are not fully reliable.
    I was most looking forward to seeing GN's review today since they have a new fancy air pressure analysis setup that would have given an idea of how the 3080's weird cooler would perform / if it would affect CPU thermals.
    I'm very interested in hearing from reviewers who actually had this problem (the card not arriving on time for the review to be out on the 16th). It's easy to suspect shenanigans out of Nvidia, though I don't think that's the case this time around.
    Let me know if there's a duplicate thread already
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    F.E.A.R. reacted to HairlessMonkeyBoy in AMD annouces RDNA2 and Zen3 dates   
    Still, it's nice to have solid dates.
  15. Funny
    F.E.A.R. reacted to SolarNova in AMD annouces RDNA2 and Zen3 dates   
    Frank Azor teased that there was going to be something announced.
    Turns out it was a teaser for an announcement that there will be an announcement on the 28th Oct for RDNA 2 .
    AMD loves to disappoint it seems.
    I guess all those comments about AMDs marketing department being terrible are true lol.
  16. Informative
    F.E.A.R. reacted to GDRRiley in AMD annouces RDNA2 and Zen3 dates   
    Zen3 will be announced on Thursday October 8th a
    RDNA2 will be announced on Monday October 28th
    both according to AMDs Instagram
    My thoughts
    Finally I wish they had been earlier in the year but I guess got to wait for Intel and NVIDIA to play their cards

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    F.E.A.R. reacted to JoostinOnline in Nintendo planning Switch upgrade with 4K   
    These fake resolution upgrades are really stupid to me.  Things would look better if they'd stop trying to cram more identical pixels at the expense of actual details.  The Switch can't handle 1080p, the latest Xbox and PS4 Pro can just barely handle 1080p.  Focus on 1080p instead of going after marketing numbers.
  18. Informative
    F.E.A.R. reacted to Drama Lama in CPU design of the European Processor Initiative revealed   
    The EU has their EPI which aims to make the EU less dependent from foreign chipmakers.
    26 companies under the lead of French SiPearl  develop processors for HPC, autonomes cars, military and critical infrastructure  with ARM and RISC-V architectures
    Now a photo by the French politician Alexandra Dublanche  at the SiPearl headquarters near Paris revealed a 72 core ARM cpu design that is estimated to be produced in TSMC 7nm lithography and use ARM Neoverse „ Zeuss „ cores and they told that also RISC-V tech is used.
    ( similar to Cortex A 77 )
    Originally it was rumored that the first generation of Rhea processors would be made as general purpose cpus with TSMC 6nm lithography and ARM and released in 2021 
    My thoughts:
    it‘s interesting to see states pushing open cpu designs when others want their own proprietary tech with backdoors
    but in my opinion there’s a problem in the whole initiative 
    the EU has no sub 14 nm fabs and that one 14 nm fab is owned by intel 
    so the  most modern one is actually global foundries with 22nm and that is owned by UAE 
    so not really „ independent „ chipmaking
    ( article that I first read ( German )
    ( Information about EPI )
    Twitter Post:
    this is my one of my first tech news posts so 
    please correct me if there is something wrong or if you have any suggestions 
    Because it can help me improve in the future 
  19. Funny
    F.E.A.R. reacted to amdorintel in Introducing Pirate+ - The Pirate Bay takes another whack at video streaming with BayStream   
    its not like there are no other pirating services out there
    some have to fall
    the ones that get too popular
  20. Funny
  21. Funny
    F.E.A.R. reacted to amdorintel in Introducing Pirate+ - The Pirate Bay takes another whack at video streaming with BayStream   
    Pirate based streaming is the wave of the future I guess.
    I remember the days when you got a satellite tv and had access to everything, with some guy in China Town hacking whatever.
    I havent used Android box yet for tv, but it looks interesting too.
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    F.E.A.R. reacted to rcmaehl in Introducing Pirate+ - The Pirate Bay takes another whack at video streaming with BayStream   
    TorrentFreak (Quote/Media source)
    A new button has appeared on the Pirate bay featuring the ability to stream magnet links


    My Thoughts:
    I'm honestly not surprised pirate based streaming is coming back. With Streaming getting more and more fragmented with Disney+, CBS All Access, and more that combining streaming services are up their with the cost of a cable subscription. Regardless, it'll be interesting if this leads to another raid such as the likes of MegaUpload or Bayfiles. Only time will tell. At least, unlike Disney+, you won't be finding thousands of accounts on the darkweb for this service
  23. Agree
    F.E.A.R. reacted to Arika S in TikTok launches website to address allegations against the company / Aug 24: TikTok files lawsuit against US gov't   
    are you saying the US Government should become more like the CCP?
  24. Funny
    F.E.A.R. reacted to BuckGup in TikTok launches website to address allegations against the company / Aug 24: TikTok files lawsuit against US gov't   
    Yet people don't bat an eye when Facebook cannot be uninstalled from their Android phones and the NSA has backdoors in every app they use. Not defending China but it's extremely hypocritical and naive to say TikTok is the only "bad" app
  25. Agree
    F.E.A.R. reacted to Arika S in TikTok launches website to address allegations against the company / Aug 24: TikTok files lawsuit against US gov't   
    wouldn't be the first time. It's exactly what they are doing to Huawei. there has still been zero evidence of back door or spying chips, and yet the US is trying to
    destroy them as a company by trade sanctions and tell other US based companies that they cannot do business with them. It's all "what ifs" because they are a Chinese Company.
    no one should trust ANY company that holds personal information. Just look at Facebook and their Cambridge Analytica breach, Twitter's recent Data breach, everything Edward Snowden revealed, the hundred and hundreds of claims about Microsoft's telemetry.
    I don't trust the claims made by the US towards China any more than i trust the claims made by China about China