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  1. Ah yeah I just saw that. So how is your experience with the switch? I see that it offers layer 3 features using routerOS, so is it really a router? I'm thinking of just using it as my primary router and setting my 2 gigabit routers below it, in AP mode, and using this switch as the DHCP server and for port forwarding. Also is management only available through the RJ45 port? Not through the other connections?
  2. Looking to get the MikroTik 5-Port Desktop Switch with 4x 10Gbe SFP+ ports https://www.amazon.com/MikroTik-CRS305-1G-4S-Gigabit-Ethernet-RouterOS/dp/B07LFKGP1L With the following devices attached: 1> Huawei Modem & Router (Internet connection) (within 1m distance) 10Gbe SFP+ 2> Netgear R8500 Router (And the rest of my gigabit network section) (within 1m distance) 1Gbe RJ45 3> Synology NAS (E10G17-F2 Adapter)
  3. I guess my best option might be to use a PCIE extension to get my SPF card outside of the case.
  4. SPF+ is nice, since that's what my ISP provides. But I can convert to 10GBASE-T on RJ45 also. Main thing is I'm having trouble finding a mATX Z390 board with thunderbolt as well
  5. All Z390 micro ATX motherboard USB C seems to be USB 3.1 Gen 2 unfortunately
  6. Asking if anyone knows of any USB-C 10Gbe cards or Z390 mATX boards with 10Gbe onboard? Currently using a SPF+ pcie card, but looks like it will obstruct GPU cooling in a SFF case that I'm moving to.