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  1. Some games with TAA, TSAA looks a lot better on high res, but as you said still noticeable but "less visible", low lod and bad shadows still there depends on the game. At least it makes some games playable, you''ll get better picture anyways
  2. I would advise you to buy, it will reduce your suffering a lot, just turn on vsr. I install AC3 Remastered and this version is playable but i still see shimmering on windows and roofs. Anyway, with this problem, I only play competitive games where graphics are not so important.
  3. Even when 2k/4k or "proper" AA solutions doesnt fix all issues. that's says a lot
  4. Don't pretend it's normal when it's actually not and you know it. Or someone (devs/companies) deliberately makes you (i mean all people) move to new resolutions and better gpus, even if it is a fact games don't have to look so terrible. I don't want to repeat and prove that the games didnt look so ugly and bad before.
  5. Even on 1080p i have to use x8 MSSA in some games, in 2017 i didnt even use any AA for decent image quaity.
  6. 2012, interesting. Have you tried the new "remastered" version? I see on steam people complain about "blurry" graphics quality, probably the game uses new anti-aliasing methods
  7. If someone finds the old beautiful graphics in games, without shimmering/low lod, in stores/friends/random people/places etc., try shooting monitor/tv with your cellphone camera as a proof. That's all i can say
  8. k it became easier to find the root causes of this shit. i still don't discard "spy" version (and yes, I understand it would be unprofessional to leave such evidence), how to explain that this issue is everywhere - emi/electricity? 4k makes some games playable or it just "masks" the problem, but does not solve it. I would like go back to my previous house where everything was fine and test a new PC and monitor but new tenants already moved in there. They'll call me crazy if I ask them to test my new pc. ?
  9. I just don't know what's going on, so i have to invent crazy theories No people from US? rly? upd So how are you guys? There is no people from USA and they dont see what we're complaining about. Electricity or US spies? ?️
  10. I said this because it seems to me that there is some kind of “grid” on my screen, all smooth lines are distorted through the grid, and the trees\bushes flicker. Just a theory. Try to look at the world through a small grid, you will see about the same thing.
  11. It looks like a new US technology that steals and collects information from the screens of users around the world, and these distortions are just a side effect. Waiting for a response from a US guy
  12. I noticed that too. Is there anyone from the US or UK? lol
  13. someone should buy new rig and capture all changes on camera 24/7 to compare the image in the future.
  14. Irl it looks even worse, the phone cannot transmit shimmering speed