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  1. I am trying to print a diy version of the GOXLR. What is the best what going about this (see file). I need the top to be by itself but the bottom printed together. Problem is printing the quote for the bottom costs about 300$$$, so i am at a loss. Any solutions are appreciated. GOXLR Final.stl
  2. Thats the thing I couldn’t find the panel number, so the chance is low, but is installation easy?
  3. Hello some guy is selling a “Viewsonic VX2758 cmh” for 25$aud. The monitor is a 144hz 27” curved montior. Its broken in the middle. I have contacted viewsonic support to find a pannel number. Can i fix it for under 100$ or nah?
  4. I have already done it, just need to hide it
  5. I just want to make a 500 gg hdd to 120gb by shrinking the partition. Don’t ask y lol. I want that 400gb hidden even in storage management
  6. How to hide unallocated partition. Any registry hacks? Or something?
  7. Yea, just wanted to know if my mouse dpi is not true
  8. I have some cheapo Chinese gaming mouse from ebay. I play at "800 DPI" setting. I also use a in game sense of 0.8 in Apex legends. Is this really low? Other streamers use 800 DPI but 2 in game sense or higher. For me anything higher than 0.8 game sense is to fast and I have no control. Do y'all think my mouse is not really at 800 DPI.
  9. hello, first of all i dont know if this is the right place to post if not SOz. things that i want to sync to ONE software -Aura, Lighting on mobo and gpu, maybe 4ping header in future - Cooler master MF120R ARGB FANS 6 in my pc rn -Cooler master Masterkeys Pro S i would preferable like to sync em to Icue, cuz it is the best software rn. i have i already tried JackSync RGB and i cant get the app to open. Any solutions?
  10. Hello all, i need help planing a case swap, i am playing to swap by build into a NZXT H200i. I want to use an aio to cool a R5 2600 at the front. Cooler master ML240L. The rad height is 27mm and the fan height is 25mm. I want to use a Gtx 1070 Strix in this case which has a length of 28.5cm. The GPU length supported in the case is 325mm. Question Would this fit? the reason i am asking as i want the rad to be mounted to the bracket and the fans to face the interior FOR THE RGB. Question 2? Does the rad when mounted in the bracket with no FANS takeaway the
  11. Hello all i need help to purchase a monitor, microphon. can you say yes or no to the products below, if no why? MONITOR Hp 25x 144Hz monitor- 150$AUD (USED) link - https://h20386.www2.hp.com/AustraliaStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=3WL50AA&opt=&sel=MTO MICROPHONE Bluesnowball- 35$AUD MIC Boom arm - 17$SAUD Total- 52$ Vonyx Studio set microphone XLR- 15$ (dont know the sound quality) link- https://djcity.com.au/product/vonyx-studioset-studio-microphone-set-with-stand-and-pop-filter-gold/?gclid=CjwKCAiA0svwB
  12. Try different mouse keyboard and display
  13. Does this working with only OBS studio 20.0. 3 or any latest version running as administrator