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  1. I've been using the Blue Snowball for quite a while now and have been experiencing problems lately... When I use the discord and there is a noise or even out of nowhere, the mic stops picking up or it doesn't get recognized and I get a (This USB Device Can not be found, try replugging it.) I can't find many threads that can help me and was wondering if someone could help, thanks. 


    Keep in mind the USB device not recognized only occurs sometimes, most of the time the mic just freezes until replugged and it happens every couple of minutes to every couple of seconds.


  2. I only need the internet and an agent told me that when your plan runs out (Like 1 year no contract is 30 bucks for 60Mbps) you can switch to another plan with the same 1 year no contract for 50 bucks for 100Mbps every single time a year runs out. Also planning on buying my own router.

  3. 3 hours ago, Donut417 said:

    As long at your using a Cat5e or above cable and your cable length is not more than 300ish feet then it should work fine. 

    Maybe, depends on how shit the modem is, but the issue is you have slow DSL. Id replace the provider or get a better plan. 

    I'm using Cat5e, it's like 5 ft long.

    Also, the only other plans are satellite and are 10-20 Mbps faster. Is xfinity that bad?

  4. 3 hours ago, Donut417 said:

    Not 100% correct but the website is safe. LOL. https://broadbandmap.fcc.gov/#/ This will show you what providers are around you. As far as plans, you will have to go to each providers website and compare. 


    Be aware of caps as well. Comcast for instance Caps part of the US at 1 TB, I think you would be except because your part of the Northeast Territory. 

    I mean Comcast seems to be the only thing I can go for since it's cable and the rest are sattelite. Could upgrading my modem improve my ping ?

  5. 3 hours ago, Donut417 said:

    No..... They are a scam because once they get you in they bend you over an fuck you. Been with these bastards for a few decades. Though their speeds are much better than DSL. 


    You have shit for bandwidth. Netflix HD needs like 5 Mbps, you have 7 to 15. Probably on the lower side considering the state Verizon's copper network is in. When you load up heavy bandwidth using things like Netflix or Youtube that will cause issues. 

    Also, it's odd though that my wifi performs far better than my ethernet. Any ideas why ?

  6. 3 hours ago, Donut417 said:

    Do they play the same games as you? Also what else is going on where your gaming? DSL tends to be shit in many cases, you might have a bandwidth issue, What package are you on? I see posts all the time with people with slow DSL connections having issues gaming, because a family member decides to Netflix. 

    No one else in my family plays games, at most maybe roblox haha. The only plan that is in my area from verizon is DSL which is 7.1-15mbps download. Using a GT784WNV from Actiontec. And even right now, my little sister is using a mac watching yt, and my other sister is using discord. I don't see how that could really affect my ping. It's still the same when someone watches Netflix, nothing changes. My mother won't switch plans as she thinks Xfinity is a scam because the prices are so cheap .-.

  7. 3 hours ago, Donut417 said:

    It could be an issue at a peering point (Place where the ISP connects in to another network) or an issue with a back bone provider like Level 3. There is a chance Verizon doesnt have a direct connection to the game servers, so that traffic goes over to someone like Level 3 to get to where it needs to go. If thats the case there is nothing you can do. 


    On a side note, it could be a Verizon issue, hope that it isnt, because they dont want to be a DSL provider any more and have chosen to let their copper infrastructure rot in many areas, or sell it off to other providers. What you can do is do a trace route in the cmd prompt to the game servers ip address and take note on areas that might have issues. 

    I don't think that's the problem, other people in my family get ping spikes but it's not as much. Maybe up to 80-100 which I am completely fine with.

  8. Hi, 
    for the past 5 months or so, I've been getting insane ping spikes and it's becoming unbearable. I'm on summer break and can't even enjoy playing games like CS-GO without my ping staying at 50-150-500-1200-1600 that's how it always is, even in other games and then I always lag out. I'm using cat 5e as I don't think cat6 will do any different and changing DNS servers doesn't really change anything. I called my ISP and they said everything was fine with my internet SPEED but completely overlooked the reason I called, the random ping spikes. The only way I have fun during my times alone is by playing games with people and much rather prefer staying indoors, I'm baffled as to why my internet keeps spiking and kindly ask that the community help me out. My WiFi is even better than my Ethernet and I really don't know what it is anymore.

    Kind Regards,
    Fadi Jarebica

  9. 1 minute ago, Turtle Rig said:

    I totally agree with the above comment.  Lol that POS 8350k will bring down the 2080 and not give you all the FPS it can dish out since the CPU is holding it back.


    Just get the 8700k and overclock it to 4.6Ghz minimum and you will not have a bottleneck at all.  Look at my sig ,,,, I max out the nv panel and turn on all AA methods and everything to max and in game settings to max and I get triple digit fps in AAA titles.  I can get 200fps then maybe 150, but it will not drop below 100fps for a split second then back up again.  Great card for a 144hz monitor and what not.


  10. Just now, EpiCheeseTime said:

    Oof, I would call your ISP then, maybe your OMT needs replaced. They will also be able to see more than I can from my end. Sorry! Keep these images though to show them the proof.

    Alright, thank you man.


    Still open to suggestions if anyone else is reading this comment.

  11. 1 minute ago, EpiCheeseTime said:

    So this tells me something is down somewhere. With the two requests timing out and the 184ms for to get back. Has it been prolonged that you've seen the issues, or just today? Google has been under some pretty bad attacks lately.

    It's been like this for a couple of months now.

  12. 6 minutes ago, EpiCheeseTime said:

    So with you on DSL, you are sharing the copper with your neighbors. So if someone is streaming a movie, they take more bandwidth. You could try to change the DNS server that you computer tries to reach. This doesn't always work, but its a shot. Since everyone (typically) goes to google for their DNS, you can try to take the road less traveled.


    Or, see if you can get on fiber, youd have your own dedicated wavelength and see less spikes.


    But if you want to try the DNS, open a file explorer, paste this path Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center, should take you to this.


    Click ethernet, then properties, double click ipv4, then you should see DNS greyed out. Click use the following dns. I personally like OpenDNS. Although I don't have them on my Windows but do for my Ubuntu's. Use these IPs for the primary and secondary respectively. and


    Then click apply and okay (or just okay if you trust your machine. I treat mine like it is at the bottom of a well with lotion.)


    Try to ping to the primary and see if there is improvement, and then also the


    Don't put all your faith in me, its been a while since I've been on DSL haha.


    cmd 1.PNG

    cmd 2.PNG

  13. 2 minutes ago, RGProductions said:

    I have a similar issue. I have 15/5 fiber (yeah straight cancer I know), and I've been dealing with playing csgo for a long time like this. I'm somewhat certain it is caused by other network traffic taking priority over game traffic. If it's possible, see if it coincides with anything (for me it's when the TV starts streaming). If you can't get more network bandwidth change your router's QOs settings of that is possible. Having also experienced DSL, it honestly could just be somewhere along the line beyond your house something does not like your repeated traffic. Try googling and running some commands to repeatedly ping somewhere, and see if it increases, like what happens to me. 

    Yeah I just googled only a bit and after typing in 3 random things one of the tabs wouldn't even load. How can I change this, also using a modem, not a router.

  14. I hate this. 

    Whenever I play a game like Fortnite, I experience ping spikes from 10-20 then it sky rockets to 400-1100. Absolute bullshit. I've had this issue for months now but never had I thought about coming to the LTT forums for some help. I'm using the slowest internet where I live unfortunately which is Verizon DSL. 7.1-15 Mbps download and my upload is like 0.70 so... The problem is I'm averaging around 20 ping whenever I run a speed test and it never goes much more higher than that. I only experience these problems in games. Does anyone have a solution? Also using Cloud flare's DNS Server and Ethernet. Modem is a GT784WNV, please let me know if there is anyway to upgrade my horrible modem, and if anyone has a solution to my ping.


    Kind Regards,

    Fadi Jarebica